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Trump Campaign Press Release - Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama Congratulates Donald J. Trump

June 07, 2016

(ALABAMA) June 7, 2016 - Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama released the following statement regarding Mr. Trump's achievement of exceeding the 1,237 delegates needed to clench the Republican nomination:

"I congratulate Donald Trump for his primary victory against a field of seventeen formidable candidates. His message resonated with millions of Republicans and new voters he brought into the Party. The American people made their voices loud and clear. They do not want more of the same.

Yet, as we move to the general election, more of the same is exactly what Hillary Clinton offers. More failed trade deals, more failed foreign adventures, more lawlessness in our immigration system.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, stood against powerful forces and the conventional thinking of a comfortable establishment to boldly declare that our country is on the wrong track, that current policies are not working, and that prosperity is steadily slipping away from the American people. His message of hope and prosperity has captured the imagination of millions of Republicans, Democrats and Independents. His vision provides an historic opportunity to unify our people and break through old battle lines to enable the greatness of America to arise again.

Donald Trump cares that working Americans are hurting, he understands the policy errors that have caused it to happen, and importantly, he is determined to use all his strength and skill to get us on the right track again.

There is so much that must be done – and done before it's too late. Donald Trump will only negotiate trade deals that benefit America. He will execute a wise, realistic foreign policy that brings peace through strength. He will finally respect and respond to the American people's demand for a lawful immigration system that serves America's interests. He will nominate judges of great ability who know they serve under the laws and Constitution, and are not above them. He will sign legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare, not veto it. He will produce a tax code that is fair to all and promotes jobs and better wages. He will stop wasteful Washington spending and restore fiscal sanity.

The choice could not be clearer. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for a failed status quo that for too long has put the special interests ahead of the people's interests. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for American security, sovereignty and prosperity.

In the coming months, I look forward to working with Mr. Trump and his millions of supporters to make America great again."

Donald J. Trump, Trump Campaign Press Release - Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama Congratulates Donald J. Trump Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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