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Trump Campaign Press Release - REMINDER: Joe Biden Opposed Stopping Violent Riots in Kenosha With National Guard

September 03, 2020

Key question for Biden: Was Wisconsin Governor Evers right to follow Trump's advice and deploy the National Guard and federal agents to stop the riots? Do you think his delay was a mistake?

Joe Biden offered zero solutions for ending the violence and destruction in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and he made clear he opposes states using the National Guard to help save lives and livelihoods by saying that deploying the National Guard amounted to using them as "props." That means if Biden had had his way, Kenosha would have continued to burn for days while more innocent Americans had their businesses or lives destroyed.

Fortunately, instead of taking Biden's radical left-wing approach and allowing the violence to continue unchecked, the governor of Wisconsin eventually took President Trump's advice. He deployed the National Guard as President Trump smartly urged and – after an initial delay – ultimately accepted President Trump's offer of additional federal law enforcement officials, putting a swift end to the violence while allowing people to continue peacefully protesting.

Remember: it was President Trump's suggestion that governors use the National Guard to restore public safety that "shifted momentum on streets of Minneapolis" and other cities in June. Biden could follow President Trump's lead and call on the radical Democrat governor of Oregon to stop the madness in Portland and deploy the National Guard or allow local law enforcement officials to do their jobs; instead, Biden is siding with the unhinged left-wing radicals who are allowing the riots, the fatal violence, and the burning to continue.

Hopefully, no one in Kenosha today asks Biden what he would have done differently to put an end to the violence in their community, because he has no answer. He doesn't even think it's a serious problem: this week, Biden mocked the idea that Americans are worried about public safety, using air quotes to dismiss the need for "law and order" while saying that he and other Democrats do not need to be more outspoken against the far-left mobs. Similarly, Kamala Harris told a Minnesota reporter yesterday that voters "want to know that their leaders have a plan" to contain the violence, but offered no plan of her own.

President Trump has a plan, and leaders who have followed President Trump's advice have successfully restored safety to their communities. Biden and Harris are too beholden to the radical left to support President Trump's strategy to get tough.

Donald J. Trump, Trump Campaign Press Release - REMINDER: Joe Biden Opposed Stopping Violent Riots in Kenosha With National Guard Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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