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Trump Campaign Press Release - Racial Justice and Healing Begins With Retiring Joe Biden

August 19, 2020

Biden fanned the flames of hatred and stoked division.

Democrats' attempt to paint Joe Biden as some sort of racial healer who can unify our country is a total joke. Biden is a serial race baiter who spent nearly half a century in Washington fanning the flames of hatred and division. He also worked with racist segregationists to enact laws that disproportionately harmed minority communities. At the end of Biden's time in office, 69% of Americans – an all-time high – said that race relations were mostly bad.

Even Biden's own running mate, Phony Kamala Harris, attacked him for working with and praising racist segregationists. She called his actions "hurtful." Now she's singing a different tune.

Here's the truth: Joe Biden has never unified Americans and he won't start now. Racial justice and healing begin with Joe Biden's retirement from public life.

Biden has a long history of trafficking in fear and division for political gain:

  • Earlier this month, Biden said that Black people are all the same and lack diversity of thought, unlike Latinos.
  • Earlier this year, Biden told a Black radio host that if he did not automatically support him, "then you ain't black."
  • In 2018, Biden claimed Republicans were responsible for "Jim Crow sneaking back in."
  • In 2012, Biden told a Black audience in southern Virginia that Republicans like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would "put y'all back in chains."
  • In 2019, Biden falsely claimed President Trump's repeated condemnations of white supremacists did not exist.
  • Throughout this campaign, Biden has attacked President Trump by invoking George Wallace and Bull Connor, Democrats known for their opposition to equal rights for Black Americans.

Biden's racist comments date back decades:

  • In 1977, Biden worried that busing would cause his children to grow up "in a racial jungle."
  • In 1993, Biden described young Black men as "predators" incapable of being rehabilitated who must be locked away from society.
  • Across many years, Biden praised racist George Wallace and bragged about receiving an award from him.
  • In 2003, Biden delivered a eulogy for segregationist Strom Thurmond.
  • In 2010, Biden delivered a eulogy for former KKK Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd and called him a "mentor" and "guide."
  • In 2019, Biden bragged about working with racist segregationist James Eastland.
  • In 2007, Biden expressed amazement that Barack Obama was "articulate and bright and clean."
  • In 1984, Biden referred to Jesse Jackson as "boy."
  • In 1973, Biden joked about southern senators calling him "boy."
  • In 2019, Biden was asked about segregation and slavery and responded by saying minority parents don't know how to raise their children.
  • In 2019, Biden said minorities don't know how to raise their kids.
  • In 2019, Biden equated being a minority to being poor, saying, "Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids."
  • In 2007, Biden said schools perform worse if they have more Black students.
  • In 2006, Biden repeatedly bragged that his home state was a slave state.
  • In 1993, Biden called a Confederate heritage group "fine people."

Donald J. Trump, Trump Campaign Press Release - Racial Justice and Healing Begins With Retiring Joe Biden Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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