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Trump Campaign Press Release - President Trump's Coronavirus Response Saved American Lives

September 12, 2020

More Americans would be dead if Biden had been in charge.

While Democrats were obsessing over impeachment, President Trump was taking very early action to combat the China virus – including restricting travel from China, a decision Joe Biden attacked as irrational and "xenophobic." President Trump's actions saved American lives and set a global example for how to successfully combat the disease.

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, the United States has vastly outperformed Europe in saving lives, as evidenced by two key metrics:

  • Europe experienced a 24% higher excess mortality rate than the United States. The excess mortality rate is the deaths above and beyond what a country would've expected to see without the pandemic. The excess mortality rate data avoids miscounting deaths from many variables and eliminates uncertainty about cause of death, including potential under-reporting of coronavirus-related deaths, differences between countries in testing, and errors in cause of death.
  • The United States has experienced the lowest case fatality rate of any major country in the world. The case fatality rate is the proportion of deaths from coronavirus compared to the total number of people diagnosed. Thanks to President Trump's swift actions and whole-of-government response, the United States ensured that all Americans received the care they needed. Everyone who needed a ventilator received one.

Without President Trump's strong response to the coronavirus, the United States would not be leading the world in efforts to combat the pandemic today. While President Trump was taking action, Joe Biden was consistently behind the curve, siding with the Chinese, and plagiarizing the President's actions.

It's a fact: if Biden had been in charge, more Americans would be dead.

Donald J. Trump, Trump Campaign Press Release - President Trump's Coronavirus Response Saved American Lives Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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