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Trump Campaign Press Release - Polls Show Joe Biden Continues Struggling with Hispanic Voters

September 08, 2020

President Trump is outperforming his 2016 Hispanic totals and crushing Biden among Cuban and Venezuelan Americans.

It's easy to see why even Democrats say that Joe Biden's campaign is actively "suppressing the Hispanic vote." A growing number of Latinos are not buying what Biden and the Democrat Party are selling. Public polls are often flawed, but the trend is clear: President Trump is outperforming with Hispanic Americans while Joe Biden is flat-lining.

Biden's far-left policies — like massive tax increases and attacks on charter schools — are clearly turning off Hispanics.

  • A new Miami Herald poll finds Biden "struggling to win Latinos" and President Trump crushing him by 38 points among South Florida's highly influential Cuban American voters. This is an improvement of 25 points for the President from his 2016 margin over Hillary Clinton among Cubans.
    • The Cuban vote had been trending toward the Democrats in recent presidential elections, but with Joe Biden seriously considering Castro-loving communist Rep. Karen Bass as his vice president, neo-Marxists hijacking the Democrat Party, and Biden pledging to return to a foreign policy of appeasement toward the Castro and Maduro regimes, Cuban Americans are returning to President Trump's Republican Party in droves.
    • In 2016, Hillary Clinton carried heavily Hispanic Miami-Dade County by 30 points, but the new Bendixen & Amandi survey finds Biden under-performing Clinton's margin there by 13 points.
    • "If you're the Biden campaign, looking at these numbers, I think there's reason for pause," said Democratic pollster Fernand Amandi, who noted Biden's Hispanic woes could "imperil" his chances of winning Florida.
  • As Politico reported last week, Joe Biden "lags" President Trump among Hispanics statewide in Florida. According to the report, Biden's standing among Hispanics in the Sunshine State "spells potential trouble for him because it's 11 points lower than what Hillary Clinton received in 2016 exit polls, when she lost the state to Trump."
  • Venezuelan Americans are also strong supporters of President Trump's opposition to socialism. According to a recent poll by the University of North Florida, President Trump holds a commanding 30-point lead among Venezuelan Americans.
  • A national Emerson College poll released last week found President Trump earning 37% of the Hispanic vote, a 9-point improvement from his 2016 share. Similarly, a Pew study released in Augustshowed President Trump earning 35% of the country's Hispanic vote.
  • President Trump's support among Texas's heavily Mexican-American Hispanic voters is also growing. A poll released last month by Rice University and the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation found Trump at 38% among Lone Star State Hispanics, a 4-point improvement from his 2016 finish. Meanwhile, at just 47%, Biden is running 14 points behind Clinton's 61% share.

Out-of-touch liberal pundits may be perplexed by Hispanics' lack of enthusiasm for Joe Biden, but we're not.

In addition to Biden's bad policies, his culturally incompetent campaign continues to alienate Hispanics by imposing an unpopular ethnic label on our communities, peddling victimhood, and extreme positions on abortion and other issues—all of which run afoul of Hispanic culture and values.

Joe Biden may count on celebrities to bolster his candidacy, but our Latinos for Trump coalition is building genuine relationships with Hispanic grassroots, community, business, and religious leaders across the country. Come November 3, our diverse coalition will play a key role in sending Biden back to his basement.

Donald J. Trump, Trump Campaign Press Release - Polls Show Joe Biden Continues Struggling with Hispanic Voters Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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