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Trump Campaign Press Release - NO BOAT PARADES: Enthusiasm for Joe Biden is Sinking

July 17, 2020

Black Americans, progressives, and young voters are not motivated to support Sleepy Joe.

Joe Biden has an enthusiasm problem. Black voters, young voters, and progressives are not excited to vote for Joe Biden.

Black voters are increasingly skeptical and unenthusiastic about supporting Biden. With his record of praising segregationists and authoring legislation that mass incarcerated Black Americans, they have every right to be. Politically-active Black voters in Michigan recently described Biden as "dismissive" and "patroni[zing]." Young Black voters especially have "reservations about Joe Biden" because of his "moments of problematic commentary or statements." Black women also have reservations about supporting the former VP, worrying that he is taking their vote for granted. Biden has one response to Black Americans who don't know if they're going to vote for him: telling them they "ain't Black."

Young voters don't want to vote for Biden. For months they've begged, "please don't make me vote for Joe Biden." They think Biden is "creepy and old and out of touch and kinda lame." Given Biden's embarrassing, glitch-filled digital appearances, it's not surprising that there's a lack of enthusiasm for Biden among young voters and his appeal is decreasing. Sleepy Joe can barely get through a pre-scripted appearance without getting lost.

Even progressives are on the fence about Joe Biden. Despite Biden's constant failure to stand up to the radicals in his party, progressives just aren't that into him. Biden's "excitement is extremely low and that should always be alarming for candidates. It's the Hillary Clinton strategy all over again," worried one progressive activist.

President Trump is beating Biden on the most important factor in this campaign: enthusiasm. Whether it's the President's historic primary voter turnout, his record-setting boat parades, or the thousands of people who turn out to see the President speak, it's clear President Trump's voters will run through a brick wall to vote for him.

Ain't nobody running through a brick wall to vote for Joe Biden – and he certainly won't be having a boat parade any time soon.

Donald J. Trump, Trump Campaign Press Release - NO BOAT PARADES: Enthusiasm for Joe Biden is Sinking Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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