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Trump Campaign Press Release - Joe Biden, Job Outsourcer-In-Chief

September 09, 2020

Over five decades in Washington as a career politician, Biden caused the problem. He can't fix it.

Joe Biden visited Michigan to pitch his new plan to bring jobs back to America, hoping voters ignore the fact that Biden spent decades writing the trade deals and terrible policies that offshored those jobs in the first place.

Unfortunately for Biden, voters in Michigan don't forget – the last time Biden visited Michigan, he was swamped by protesters reminding him that "NAFTA killed our jobs!" and "Biden betrayed workers!" This was the same day he yelled at a Michigan autoworker "I don't work for you" and told him he was "full of sh*t."

Biden proposing a plan to address offshoring is like Bernie Madoff proposing a plan to address Ponzi schemes. Every trade deal that bled America's factories dry and killed millions of manufacturing jobs has Joe Biden's fingerprints all over it:

  • Bidenled the effort to give China "mostfavorednation" trade status and repeatedly voted to protectChina's preferential statuswhile America lost millions of good-paying manufacturing and other jobs."I do not anticipate...the collapse of the American manufacturing economy as China...becomes our major economic competitor," Biden wrongly predicted in 2000 as he voted for the new trade deal. He never apologized.
  • Biden voted for NAFTA then spent years defending it while 850,000 Americans lost their jobs. He insisted the arguments against NAFTA were "vastly, vastly, vastly overblown" and called the bad deal a "positive thing to do" even as job losses mounted. He never apologized.
  • As late as 2016, Biden made clear he had learned nothing from his past mistakes, becoming the chief cheerleader for the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and ignoring warnings that the deal would have dealt another blow to the Midwest and killed half a million more jobs.

Biden once admitted he is not "an expert on international trade matters." No kidding. Every decision Biden made in his 44 years in office drained jobs from states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Not only did Biden do nothing to fix the problem during his eight years as vice president, but Biden repeatedly supported terrible policies and trade deals that put America last and led to China bleeding American manufacturing towns dry.

Over five decades in Washington as a career politician pushing globalist policies, Biden caused the problem – why should anyone take him seriously now?

Donald J. Trump, Trump Campaign Press Release - Joe Biden, Job Outsourcer-In-Chief Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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