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Trump Campaign Press Release - Joe Biden Defends Violent Rioters, Tells Americans He Would Do Nothing to Stop Them

August 30, 2020

As innocent Americans in Democrat-run cities suffer, Biden says he'd abandon them to the far-left mob.

In a virtual address to the National Guard Association yesterday, Biden outrageously described violent, far-left rioters as "peaceful protesters" and suggested that deploying the National Guard to restore public safety is a political attempt to use the military as "a prop."

How many people have to be assaulted or killed before Biden will defend them? How many businesses and livelihoods have to be burned to ashes before Biden will tell his supporters to stop? Does Biden believe Wisconsin's Democrat Governor, who dragged his feet before finally accepting additional National Guard assistance from President Trump this past week, is using the National Guard as a prop? After the guard's presence, violence dropped dramatically and Kenosha residents saw four nights of calm.

Joe Biden not only proved he can't tell the difference between a riot and a peaceful protest, he also showed he is too weak to stand up to the radical mob and keep Americans safe. Remember: it was President Trump's suggestion that governors use the National Guard to restore public safety that "shifted momentum on streets of Minneapolis" and other cities in June. Biden was hiding in his basement.

Now Biden is siding with unhinged left-wing radicals like the useless Democrat mayor of Portland, who sent President Trump a political letter on Friday once again refusing the federal government's offer to help stop the nearly 100 consecutive days of violence in his city. Just this week, rioters attempted to burn down Portland city hall.

Biden's position is so indefensible that he's now laughably blaming President Trump for the violence. In fact, it was left-wing Democrats who defended the riots as "peaceful protests" for months, denying the violence existed and fighting against President Trump's efforts to restore public safety and protect the American people in Democrat-run cities.

Biden would rather permit rioters and anarchists to torch businesses and assault innocent Americans than offend the far-left loons who control his party and him.

Americans will never have to question President Trump's commitment to restoring public safety and keeping them safe. It's very clear that they same cannot be said of Joe Biden.

Donald J. Trump, Trump Campaign Press Release - Joe Biden Defends Violent Rioters, Tells Americans He Would Do Nothing to Stop Them Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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