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Trump Campaign Press Release - A Biden-Harris Administration Would Be A Disaster For Catholics

September 03, 2020

Biden has adopted an extreme agenda that would violate the religious liberty and values of Catholic Americans

Key Takeaways

  • The Biden campaign is launching their "Catholics for Biden" campaign today, a token outreach to a community that Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris have failed
  • Biden and Harris represent the most radical pro-abortion ticket in history, an agenda that clashes strongly with Catholic pro-life beliefs:
    • Biden and Harris support federal funding of abortion, repealing the Hyde Amendment and bringing back funding for Planned Parenthood
    • Biden and Harris would use foreign aid dollars to fund abortion, repealing the Trump Administration's ban
    • Biden would use the Justice Department to strike down state parental notification laws, waiting periods, or ultrasound requirements
    • Biden openly says he has a pro-abortion litmus test for federal judges, and has bragged about opposing Supreme Court nominees that he thought opposed Roe v. Wade
    • Harris supports late-term abortion, voting against bills to protect the lives of babies that survive abortions and to ban abortion after 20 weeks
    • Harris wants to give the federal government the power to veto state abortion laws, and eliminate state laws that ban late-term abortion
  • A Biden-Harris Administration would force Catholic organizations to violate their religious beliefs and fund contraceptives and abortion
    • The Obama-Biden Administration forced Catholic organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor to violate their religious beliefs through Obamacare's "contraceptive mandate"
    • Biden and Harris criticized the recent Supreme Court decision protecting the Little Sisters, and Biden says he would go after them as President
    • In 2019, Harris introduced legislation to block religious exemptions in health care coverage, stripping awaythe rights of millions of Americans with religious objections to funding abortion
  • As California's Attorney General, Harris targeted pro-life organizations and Americans
    • Harris backed legislation to force pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to provide referrals for abortion services, violating the religious liberty of faith-based organizations
    • Harris prosecuted a pro-life journalist for going after Planned Parenthood
    • Harris held up the sale of a Catholic hospital chain, imposing "unprecedented" conditions on the transaction and setting in motion the chain's eventual bankruptcy
  • In 2018, Harris revealed her anti-Catholic bigotry when she suggested that membership in the Catholic and pro-life Knights of Columbus was disqualifying for a federal judicial nominee


Biden Wants To Force Catholics To Fund Abortion With Their Tax Dollars

Last Year, Joe Biden Announced He Supports Repealing The Hyde Amendment, The Long-Standing Restriction That Bars Taxpayer Funding Of Abortion. "After two days of intense criticism, Joseph R. Biden Jr. reversed himself Thursday night on one of the issues most important to Democratic voters, saying he no longer supports a measure that bans federal funding for most abortions. As recently as Wednesday, Mr. Biden's campaign had said he supported the measure, known as the Hyde Amendment." (Katie Glueck, "Joe Biden Denounces Hyde Amendment, Reversing His Position," The New York Times, 6/6/19)

  • Biden's Campaign Says He "Supports Repealing The Hyde Amendment" And Even Supports Funding Abortion Through His "Public Option." "Vice President Biden supports repealing the Hyde Amendment because health care is a right that should not be dependent on one's zip code or income. And, the public option will cover contraception and a woman's constitutional right to choose." ("Healthcare: Communities Of Color," Biden For President, Accessed 1/2/20)

Biden: "We Have To Get Rid Of The Hyde Amendment Because It Is No Longer Doable And Usable And No Longer A Serious Option For Anyone." BIDEN: "The Hyde Amendment, look, when you move in a direction that all of the healthcare is available to be able to go through a federal system, the Hyde Amendment, which every single member running for office in the Democratic primary voted for, every single one. The Hyde amendment was designed to say that when there is an alternative that was available to everybody for poor women is available. When you're not cutting off everything from planned parenthood which I have a 100 percent voting record from etc. then in fact it made sense to say ok in fact that will be available. Once you go out and say Medicare for all or you go out and propose like I do, you have increased Obamacare to provide a public option then what you're saying is that Roe V. Wade is not available to poor people under any circumstance because it is with federal money. Federal money. So, I have came out a while ago saying we have to get rid of the Hyde Amendment because it is no longer doable and usable and no longer a serious option for anyone." (Joe Biden, Remarks At Campaign Event, Nashua, NH, 12/8/19)

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Biden Has Vowed To Restore Federal Funding For Planned Parenthood By Reversing President Trump's Rule Preventing Planned Parenthood And Other Abortion Providers From Using Title X Funds For Covering Abortions. "Restore federal funding for Planned Parenthood. The Obama-Biden administration fought Republican attacks on funding for Planned Parenthood again and again. More than one-third of Planned Parenthood's patients are people of color, including more than half a million Latino patients and nearly 400,0000 African-American patients. As president, Biden will reissue guidance specifying that states cannot refuse Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood and other providers that refer for abortions or provide related information and reverse the Trump Administration's rule preventing Planned Parenthood and certain other family planning programs from obtaining Title X funds." ("Health Care: Communities Of Color," Biden For President, Accessed 1/2/20)

Biden Pledged To Repeal The Trump Administration's Mexico City Policy, Which "Blocks Federal Funding For Nongovernmental Organizations That Provide Services Related To Abortion." "Biden pledged to end a range of Trump policies, including the travel ban halting immigration from a group of mostly Muslim countries, efforts to cut down on asylum applicants and the global gag rule, which blocks federal funding for nongovernmental organizations that provide services related to abortion." (Jennifer Epstein, "Biden Outlines Plans to Reset U.S. Foreign Policy After Trump," Bloomberg, 7/11/19)

  • During President Trump's First Week In Office, He Reinstated The Mexico City Policy, Which "Prevents Foreign Aid From Being Used To Fund Or Support The Global Abortion Industry." "As President, I am committed to defending the Right to Life. During my first week in office, I reinstated the Mexico City Policy, which prevents foreign aid from being used to fund or support the global abortion industry." (President Donald Trump, "Presidential Proclamation On The National Sanctity Of Human Life Day, 2019," The White House, 1/18/19)
  • In 1995, Joe Biden Opposed An Amendment To Restore The 'Mexico City Policy,' Which Would Ban Federal Funding Of Private Foreign Organizations That Perform Abortions Or Lobby In Favor Of Abortion. ("Explanation Of Key Senate Roll Calls On Abortion Issues," National Right To Life, Accessed 5/8/20; H.R. 1868, Roll Call Vote #575, Adopted 53-44, 11/1/95)

Biden Has Called For Codifying Roe V. Wade Into Law And Using The Justice Department To Go After States That Place Common Sense Restrictions On Abortion

Biden Has Called For Roe V. Wade To Be Codified Into Law. JOE BIDEN: "It means appointing to ending the fact, we stop appointing right-wing unqualified justices by codifying Roe V. Wade as a matter of law." (Joe Biden, Remarks At The DNC Women's Leadership Forum Conference, 10/17/19)

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  • Codifying Roe v. Wade Into Law Is Part Of Biden's "Health Care" Plan. "Reverse the Trump Administration and states' all-out assault on women's right to choose. As president, Biden will work to codify Roe v. Wade, and his Justice Department will do everything in its power to stop the rash of state laws that so blatantly violate the constitutional right to an abortion, such as so-called TRAP laws, parental notification requirements, mandatory waiting periods, and ultrasound requirements." ("Health Care: Communities Of Color," Biden For President, Accessed 1/2/20)

The Biden Campaign Has Called For Using The U.S. Justice Department To Prevent State Governments From Instituting Parental Notification Requirements, Mandatory Waiting Periods And Ultrasound Requirements. "Reverse the Trump Administration and states' all-out assault on women's right to choose. As president, Biden will work to codify Roe v. Wade, and his Justice Department will do everything in its power to stop the rash of state laws that so blatantly violate the constitutional right to an abortion, such as so-called TRAP laws, parental notification requirements, mandatory waiting periods, and ultrasound requirements." ("Health Care: Communities Of Color," Biden For President, Accessed 1/2/20)

Biden Voted Against Making It A Crime To Kill An Unborn Child

In March 2004, Biden Voted Against The Unborn Victims Of Violence Act Which Made It A Separate Offense To Kill An Unborn Child While Committing Another Crime. "Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 or Laci and Conner's Law - Provides that persons who commit certain Federal violent crimes (conduct that violates specified provisions of the Federal criminal code, the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, or the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, or specified articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) ) and thereby cause the death of, or bodily injury to, a child who is in utero shall be guilty of a separate offense. Requires the punishment for that separate offense to be the same as provided under Federal law for that conduct had that injury or death occurred to the unborn child's mother (or in the case of a UCMJ violation, to be such punishment as a court-martial may direct, which shall be consistent with the punishments prescribed by the President for such conduct had that injury or death occurred to the unborn child's mother)." (H.R. 1997, Roll Call Vote #63, Passed 61-38, 3/25/04, Biden Voted Nay)

Biden Has A Pro-Abortion Litmus Test For Judges

In August 2019, Biden Said That He Will Not Appoint Anyone To The Supreme Court That Does Not Acknowledge "A Right To Privacy" In The Constitution In Order To Ensure Judges "Protect A Women's Right To Choose." JOE BIDEN: "The fact of the matter is the people I'll put into the court are the people like a woman who worked for me Elena Kagan. The people I'd put on the court are the people we put on the court who in fact are the folks who understand there's a fundamental thing for those of you who are lawyers. The question is are there unenumerated rights in the constitution – a fancy way of saying that unless you acknowledge that there is a right of privacy in the constitution as most leading scholars agree that in fact you will not be able to protect a woman's right to choose. You will not be able to protect all the things that we seem to care so much about. I will not appoint anyone to the court who does not share that basic philosophy." (Joe Biden, Remarks At The Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, IA, 8/8/19)

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In April 2007, Biden Said That He Strongly Supports Roe V. Wade And That's Why He Led Efforts To Oppose Supreme Court Justices Thomas, Roberts, And Alito And Reagan Supreme Court Nominee Robert Bork. BRIAN WILLIAMS: "Senator, thank you. Senator Biden, as president, would you have a specific litmus test question on Roe versus Wade that you would ask of your nominees for the high court?" SENATOR JOE BIDEN (D-DE): "I strongly support Roe v. Wade. I wouldn't have a specific question, but I'd make sure that the people I sent to be nominated to the Supreme Court shared my values and understood that there is a right to privacy in the United States Constitution. That's why I led the fight to defeat Bork. Thank God he's not on the court or this would -- Roe v. Wade would be gone by now. Number two, that's why I was so outspoken and been criticized for being outspoken in leading the effort to try to defeat Roberts and Alito. That's why I opposed the other -- Thomas on the court. The truth of the matter is that the -- this decision was intellectually dishonest. I think it's a rare procedure that should only be available when the woman's life and health is at stake. But what this court did, it took that decision and it said in a -- put a Trojan horse in it to actually dishonest reasoning, lay the groundwork for undoing Roe v. Wade. That's the danger of this decision, not the specific procedure, but the rationale offered to justify, I think, the next step they're going to try to take." (Sen. Joe Biden, Remarks At A Democratic Presidential Primary Debate, Orangeburg, SC, 4/27/07)

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Biden Has Been Endorsed By The Abortion Lobby

In July 2020, Biden Was Endorsed By NARAL For President. "NARAL Pro-Choice America today announced its endorsement of Vice President Joe Biden in his campaign for president of the United States. ... Joe Biden has outlined his commitment to protecting and expanding reproductive freedom by vowing to work to safeguard Roe v. Wade, only appoint judges who will respect Roe, support the repeal of the racist and discriminatory Hyde Amendment, and use executive action to protect and expand access to abortion and contraception, including reversing Trump's rules gutting reproductive freedom, like the global and domestic gag rules. These commitments are critical given the threat Donald Trump poses to our fundamental rights and everything our nation holds dear." (Press Release, "NARAL Pro-Choice America Endorses Vice President Joe Biden For President," NARAL Pro-Choice America, 7/27/20)


The Obama-Biden Administration Forced Religious Organizations Like The Little Sisters Of The Poor To Fund Contraception, Violating Their Conscience Rights

Obamacare Required Many Employers, Including Religious Employers, To Provide Insurance Which Included A Range Of Contraceptives Without Co-Pays Or Deductibles. "An Obama Administration regulation requiring that many employers — including religious employers — provide insurance without copays or deductibles that covers a wide range of contraceptives, including sterilization, as part of women's preventive health care." (Stuart Taylor Jr., "More ACA Lawsuits: The 'Contraceptive Mandate' Versus Religious Freedom (Analysis)," Kaiser Health News, 12/13/12)

  • Religious Groups Decried The Contraception Requirement As "An Extreme Attack On Their Freedom" Sparking Lawsuits From Catholic And Evangelical Organizations. "Religious groups decry it as an extreme attack on their freedom. Already, more than 40 lawsuits have been filed by Catholic and evangelical plaintiffs including hospitals, universities and private businesses. The Catholic plaintiffs object to all contraceptives, the evangelicals to methods that induce what they call abortion." (Stuart Taylor Jr., "More ACA Lawsuits: The 'Contraceptive Mandate' Versus Religious Freedom (Analysis)," Kaiser Health News, 12/13/12)

The Little Sisters Of The Poor Argued That they Could Not In "Good Conscience" Play A Role In Process That Violated Their Deeply Held Religious Beliefs. "Under the challenged regulations, nonprofit employers like the Little Sisters of the Poor must either submit a self-certification form to their insurer or health plan administrator or notify the Department of Health and Human Services of their religious objection to providing contraceptive coverage in writing and provide contact information for their health plan insurer or third-party administrator. Either way, the actions taken by the employer would authorize the inclusion of coverage of the objectionable drugs and devices in its health plan. The Little Sisters of the Poor could not in good conscience play such an indispensable part in the machinery that provides abortion-inducing drugs and devices through health plans and infrastructure that they are paying for and providing to their employees." (Roger Servino and Elizabeth Slattery, "Little Sisters of the Poor Win Big in Obamacare Case," CNS News, 5/17/16)

  • The Little Sisters Of The Poor Faced $70 Million In Fines Per Year For Non-Compliance. "Failing to provide the objectionable notice meant the Little Sisters of the Poor faced $70 million per year in penalties." (Roger Servino and Elizabeth Slattery, "Little Sisters of the Poor Win Big in Obamacare Case," CNS News, 5/17/16)

In 2012, The Obama-Biden Administration Asserted That The Contraceptive Mandate Would Apply To Roman Catholic Hospitals. "The Obama administration took another step on Friday to enforce a federal mandate for health insurance coverage of contraceptives, announcing how the new requirement would apply to the many Roman Catholic hospitals, universities and social service agencies that insure themselves." (Robert Pear, "U.S. Clarifies Policy On Birth Control For Religious Groups," The New York Times, 3/16/12)

Biden Says He Would Force The Little Sisters To Fund Abortifacients, Contraceptives, And Sterilizations

In July 2020, Biden Said He Was "Disappointed" In The Supreme Court's Ruling To Protect The Little Sister Of The Poor, Saying He Wanted To Restore The Obama-Biden Administration Policy And Force Them To Violate Their Religious Rights. "Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden issued a statement Wednesday evening in which he said he is 'disappointed in today's U.S. Supreme Court decision' in the case Little Sisters of the Poorv. Pennsylvania. 'I will restore the Obama-Biden policy that existed before the [2014 Supreme Court] Hobby Lobbyruling,' Biden said." (John McCormack, "Biden Says He Would Rescind Exemption for Little Sisters of the Poor," National Review, 7/9/20)

If Elected President, Biden Would Sue The Little Sisters Of The Poor To Try And Force Them To Fund Contraceptives, Abortifacients, And Even Sterilizations. "Biden's use of nuns as an inspirational example of 'generosity to others' comes despite his promise to renew legal action against the Little Sisters of the Poor should he win election. ... Biden's use of the nuns' example of service for campaign purposes sits in contrast to his pledge to force one religious order to violate their consciences and provide birth control, sterilizations, and abortifacient drugs to their employees. Shortly after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Little Sisters of the Poor in Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania on July 8, Biden said he was 'disappointed' by the decision and promised to reinstate Obama-era policies requiring the sisters to ensure access to birth control in violation of their religious beliefs. 'If I am elected I will restore the Obama-Biden policy that existed before the [Supreme Court's 2014] Hobby Lobby ruling: providing an exemption for houses of worship and an accommodation for nonprofit organizations with religious missions,' said Biden in July. " (CNA Staff, "Biden Says Nuns Inspire Him To Run, Plans To Sue Little Sisters Of The Poor," Catholic News Agency, 8/13/20)


Harris Supports Taxpayer Funding Of Abortion And Funding For Planned Parenthood

Harris Supports Repealing The Hyde Amendment, Allowing Tax Dollars To Fund Abortion. "California Democratic United States Senator Kamala Harris reiterated her plan to push for on demand abortion if she is elected as the next President of the United States. In an op ed for the Concord Monitor last week, she wrote, 'What we're seeing across the country and in the White House makes it clearer than ever that we have to do more to protect women's access to health care. That's exactly what I will do when I'm president,' Harris said. One of Harris' top priorities if elected President is to end the Hyde Amendment. 'I will ... continue to fight so that all women have access to reproductive health care [abortion] regardless of how much money they make by continuing my career-long opposition to the Hyde Amendment,' Harris said." (Joshua Denton, "CA Democrat Kamala Harris Wants To End The Hyde Amendment If Elected President," California Family Council, 6/27/19)

In 2019, Harris Tweeted She Would Restore Funding To Planned Parenthood. "Trump's domestic gag rule is forcing Planned Parenthood out of Title X, limiting access to affordable birth control and critical reproductive care for millions of people. This is a disgrace. As president, I will undo this gag rule on my first day in office." (Kamala Harris, Twitter, 8/19/19)

Harris Supports Codifying Roe v. Wade Into Law

In 2019, Harris Said That She Wanted To Codify Roe V. Wade Into Law To Prevent State Legislatures From Acting On Abortion. SENATOR KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA): "It means not only would it be Supreme Court precedent, not only would it be something that should be enforceable in our court, but it would be enforceable in terms of the law of the land." MSNBC'S CHRIS HAYES: "Like a federal statute?" SENATOR KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA): "As a federal statute. And in that way we could obviously attach then all of the federal conditions that go on to what we do around state funding and what we do in terms of public health funding to make sure that no state legislaturecan just basically undo the important acts." (Marie Lodi and Erica Schwiegershausen, "Democratic Candidates Have Promised To 'Codify' Roe. V Wade. What Does That Mean?" The Cut, 10/16/19)

Harris Supports Late-Term Abortion

In 2020, Harris Voted Against The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act Which Would Require Doctors To Care For Babies Who Survived Abortions. "The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (S.311) would require that appropriate medical care be given to any child who survives an attempted abortion and would establish criminal penalties for health care practitioners that violate this requirement." ("Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act," Heritage Action, Accessed 8/14/20)

  • This Bill Would Have Also Required Practitioners To Ensure That The Child Was Transported To The Nearest Hospital For Treatment. "The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act would have required that 'any health care practitioner present' at the time of a birth 'exercise the same degree of professional skill, care, and diligence to preserve the life and health of the child as a reasonably diligent and conscientious health care practitioner would render to any other child born alive at the same gestational age.' The bill, which exempted the mother involved in the birth from prosecution, also would have required practitioners to 'ensure that the child born alive is immediately transported and admitted to a hospital.' It prescribed a possible term of imprisonment of up to five years for violations, not including penalties for first-degree murder that could have applied." (Caleb Parke, "Dems Block 'Born Alive' Bill To Provide Medical Care To Infants Who Survive Failed Abortions," Fox News, 11/26/19)

In 2017, Harris Voted Against A Bill That Would Limit Abortion To 20 Weeks. "A supporter of abortion rights, Harris voted against a bill that would limit abortions to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. As California state attorney general, she launched an investigation of anti-abortion activist David Daleiden, whose undercover videos later sparked charges of breaking privacy laws. His supporters said Harris' relationship with Planned Parenthood was a conflict of interest." ("What Does Kamala Harris Believe? Where The Candidate Stands On 9 Issues," PBS, 1/21/19)

Harris Wants To Force States To Pre-Clear Abortion Laws With The Federal Government, Effectively Blocking State Abortion Restrictions

In 2019, Harris Unveiled A "Reproductive Rights" Act, Which Would Enforce Access To Abortion Across All States. "Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) on Tuesday unveiled a broad platform to protect abortion rights that's modeled on the Voting Rights Act, arguing that strict new abortion bans passed in states including Alabama, Georgia and Missouri demonstrate the need for more federal guardrails. The plan depends, however, on a Congress highly favorable to abortion right." (Alice Mirando Ollstein, "How Kamala Harris Would Protect Abortion Rights," Politico, 5/28/19)

  • Harris's Proposal Would Require States To Seek "Preclearance" From The Justice Department Before Enacting Any New Laws Affecting Abortion. SENATOR KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA): "My plan is as follows. For any state that passes a law that violates the Constitution and in particular Roe V. Wade, our Department of Justice will review that law to determine if it is compliant with Roe V. Wade and the Constitution, and if it is not, that law will not go into effect. That's called pre-clearance." (Sen. Kamala Harris, Remarks During A Democratic Debate, 10/16/19)

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At A 2019 MSNBC Town Hall, Harris Expressed Her Intent To Force States To Come To The Department of Justice For A "Review" Or An "Approval" Before They Can Enact Any Regulations Surrounding Abortion. SEN. KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA): "Are we going to go back to the days of back alley abortions? Women died before we had Roe v. Wade in place. And so I'm going to tell you, on this issue, I'm kind of done, because here's how I feel about it, guys. Let me tell you. Here's the thing. There are states that keep passing these laws. And so, when elected, I'm going to put in place and require that states that have a history of passing legislation that is designed to prevent or limit a woman's access to reproductive health care, that those laws have to come before my Department of Justice for a review and approval, and until we determine that they are constitutional, they will not take effect." (MSNBC Town Hall, 5/28/19)

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Harris Wants To Block State Laws That Outlaw Late-Term Abortions

In 2019, Harris Co-Sponsored The "Women's Health Protection Act," Which Would Override State Restrictions On Abortion. (Press Release, "U.S Congresswoman Judy Chu," 5/23/19)

  • This Bill – "The Most Aggressively Pro-Abortion Piece Of Federal Legislation Ever" – Would Invalidate Any State Law That Prohibits Abortion Up Until Birth. "As a senator, Harris has cosponsored the most aggressively pro-abortion piece of federal legislation ever introduced, the Women's Health Protection Act, which would override state restrictions on abortions in the last three months of pregnancy, well after fetal viability. The bill would invalidate any state law that prohibits 'abortion after fetal viability when, in the good-faith medical judgment of the treating physician, continuation of the pregnancy would pose a risk to the pregnant woman's life or health.' According to reporting from my colleague John McCormack, the bill's sponsors have said that it does not distinguish between the mother's physical and mental health. Read in conjunction with the Supreme Court's ruling in Doe v. Bolton defining maternal health as including 'all factors — physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the person's age — relevant to the well-being of the patient,' the Women's Health Protection Act would invalidate any and all state-level protections for unborn children after the point of viability — indeed, up until birth." (Alexandra DeSanctis, "Kamala Harris's Abortion Absolutism," National Review, 8/12/20)

This Legislation Would Make It Impossible For States To Enact Informed-Consent Laws Or Waiting Periods. "The legislation would also make it impossible for states to enact or enforce informed-consent laws and waiting-period requirements, which have often been upheld by courts as permissible under our current abortion jurisprudence. So much for federalism." (Alexandra Desanctis, "Kamala Harris's Abortion Absolutism," National Review, 8/12/20)

Harris Has A 'Perfect' Rating From Pro-Abortion Group NARAL

Harris Has A 100% Rating From Pro-Choice Group, NARAL For Her Voting Record Between 2017 And 2019. (Congressional Record On Choice, "Senator Kamala Harris," NARAL, Accessed 8/11/20)


In 2015, Then California Attorney General Kamala Harris Co-Sponsored The "Reproductive FACT Act." "This bill is co-sponsored by Attorney General Kamala Harris, NARAL Pro-Choice California, and Black Women for Wellness. 'California has been a national leader in promoting and protecting equal access to the full range of women's reproductive health care options,' said Attorney General Harris. 'The Reproductive FACT Act will ensure that women are empowered to make informed and timely decisions about their health and their bodies.'" (Press Release, "David Chiu And Autumn Burke, Attorney General Kamala Harris, And Religious Leaders And Healthcare Providers Urge Passage Of Reproductive FACT Act," Assemblymember David Chu, 5/20/15)

  • The Reproductive FACT Act Gave Harris The Authority To Enforce A Civil Penalty Against Any Facility That Does Not Promote Abortion Services To Women. "The bill would authorize the Attorney General, city attorney, or county counsel to bring an action to impose a specified civil penalty against covered facilities that fail to comply with these requirements." (Reproductive FACT Act, California Legislature Information, 10/9/15

The Pacific Justice Institute Sued Harris Over "Egregious" Violations Of Freedom Of Speech And Religion On Behalf Of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Which Offer "Free Medical Services And Counseling As An Alternative Option To Abortion." "Lawsuits were filed by Pacific Justice Institute in federal courts in both southern and northern California in behalf of clinics. The clinics represented by PJI provide free medical services and counseling as an alternative option to abortion to women facing unwanted pregnancies. Brad Dacus, president of the PJI stated, ?'Forcing a religious pro-life charity to proclaim a pro-abortion declaration is on its face an egregious violation of both the free speech and free exercise clauses of the First Amendment to the Constitution. We will not rest until this government mandate is completely halted. 'Claims for violation of freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion are cited in papers filed with the federal courts. The complaint (see below) alleges that the law forces Christian medical clinics to proclaim a government message for which the clinics disagree. "The context of delivering this government message is the center of a public debate over the morality and efficacy of abortion, for which these clinics provide alternatives," the lawsuit reads. Kevin Snider is the PJI attorney who is serving as lead counsel on the case. Snider drafted the complaint which he filed shortly after the Governor signed the bill into law." ("Suits Filed To Stop State-Compelled Speech," Pacific Justice Institute, 10/12/15)

In 2018, The Supreme Court Issued An Historic Ruling Against The Reproductive FACT Act That Protected Freedom Of Speech For Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers. "In 2018, the Supreme Court issued a historic ruling in favor of the free speech rights of pro-life pregnancy centers and all Americans. In addition to protecting the work of life-affirming pregnancy centers, this landmark ruling also expanded protections for the free speech rights of medical professionals, Christian counselors and churches. While this case was pivotal in the pro-life pregnancy center movement, it also proved to be a watershed moment for the nation as a whole. NIFLA v. Becerra raised public awareness around the life issue like never before, sparking a wave of efforts to protect life across the U.S." ("NIFLA V. Becerra- Supreme Court Case Information," National Institute Of Family And Life Advocates, 6/26/18)


As California's Attorney General, Harris Used Her Office To Target A Pro-Life Activist Who Went After Planned Parenthood

In 2016, Harris Used Her Office's Power To Target David Daleiden, A Pro-Life Activist Who Went Undercover To Expose Planned Parenthood's "Practice Of Harvesting And Selling The Body Parts Of Aborted Babies.""California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who sent agents to raid the home a citizen journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood's practices of harvesting and selling the body parts of aborted babies, is using her Senate campaign website to advocate for the abortion giant, promoting a petition to defend Planned Parenthood. Ms. Harris is engaging in exceptionally corrupt behavior, using her office as AG to aide a staunch supporter of her campaign. This is exactly the kind of puppeteering and blatant of conflict of interest that the American public is sick and tired of. Ms. Harris should immediately resign her position as the California Attorney General." (Paul Bedard, "Calif. AG Targeting Abortion Foe Uses Planned Parenthood To Raise Funds For Senate Bid," Washington Examiner, 4/6/16)

Harris Personally Met With Six Planned Parenthood Executives In March 2016 At Her Los Angeles Office Two Weeks Before Daleiden's Apartment Was Raided. "Harris personally met with six Planned Parenthood executives in March 2016, at the attorney general's Los Angeles office. An email outlining action items from the meeting shows that they discussed both Planned Parenthood's political agenda in the state of California and her investigation into Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress. Two of the six executives in that meeting were used as witnesses in Harris' criminal investigation. Two weeks after that Los Angeles meeting, Harris ordered a search warrant specifically seeking Daleiden's unreleased videos and documents, which should have been protected by the California shield law protecting citizen journalists' unpublished materials. Harris has received tens of thousands of dollars in political contributions from Planned Parenthood-affiliated entities." (Madeline Osburn, "David Daleiden Sues Planned Parenthood, Kamala Harris For Using Video Recording Laws As Political Weapon," The Federalist, 5/13/20)

Harris's Office Seized "Multiple Computers And Hard Drives" From Daleiden's Apartment In Raid. "On Tuesday, agents from the Department of Justice under Harris served a search warrant on the Huntington Beach apartment of David Daleiden, an activist whose release of undercover video recordings last summer triggered that funding vote in Congress. Property receipts left by state agents show they seized multiple computers and hard drives and materials from Planned Parenthood conferences Daleiden covertly attended. Receipts also show they seized California IDs issued to 'Brianna Allen,' the name used by one of his accomplices, and a California driver license in the name of Robert Sarkis, the name used by Daleiden." (Paige St. John, "Kamala Harris' Support For Planned Parenthood Draws Fire On Anti-Abortion Activist," Los Angeles Times, 4/7/16)

Harris Faced "Conflict-Of-Interest Accusations" After Launching The Raid On Daleiden's Apartment. "California Attorney General Kamala Harris is facing conflict-of-interest accusations after launching a raid on pro-life activist David Daleiden's apartment even as she campaigns for the U.S. Senate on a pro-Planned Parenthood platform." (Valerie Richardson, "California Attorney General Behind Raid Of Pro-Life Activist Slammed For Planned Parenthood Advocacy," The Washington Times, 4/6/16)

Emails Showed That Harris Was "Working With Planned Parenthood To Protect It From Criminal Prosecution." "Ronald D. Rotunda, a professor of jurisprudence at Chapman University, said the emails show Ms. Harris is a 'tool of Planned Parenthood.' He said it is not uncommon for the attorney general to play a role in the legislative process, but added that Ms. Harris in this case was 'working with Planned Parenthood to protect it from criminal prosecution.'" (Bradford Richardson, "Kamala Harris Teamed Up With Planned Parenthood To Target David Daleiden," The Washington Times, 9/27/16)

Alexandra Snyder, The Director Of The Life Legal Defense Foundation, Accused Harris Of "Loyalty To Planned Parenthood" That Requires Her To "Turn A Blind Eye" To The Organization's Criminal Activities. "The director of a California-based advocacy law firm, the Life Legal Defense Foundation, accused Harris of 'loyalty to Planned Parenthood' that 'requires her to turn a blind eye to the organization's criminal activities.' 'Instead, she has launched an inquisition into David Daleiden,' said Alexandra Snyder, the foundation's director." (Paige St. John, "Kamala Harris' Support For Planned Parenthood Draws Fire On Anti-Abortion Activist," Los Angeles Times, 4/7/16)

In 2016, Susan B. Anthony List Called On Harris To Resign As California Attorney General And End Her Senate Run As A Result Of Her Moves Against Daleiden. "Anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List has called on California Attorney General Kamala Harris to resign, and to end her run for the Senate, The Hill reports. The statement said Planned Parenthood donated to her campaign, and that Harris, as attorney general, defends the organization. The statement tied that to Harris's office raiding anti-abortion video maker Daniel Daleiden's home. Harris's actions are 'the epitome of conflict of interest and abuse of power,' said the statement by SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser." (Joe Crowe, "Pro-Life Group TO Calif. AG Harris: Resign And End Your Senate Run," Newsmax, 4/7/16)

In May 2020, Daleiden Filed A Lawsuit Against Harris For The 2016 Raid On His Apartment. "In May, pro-life activist and citizen journalist David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress filed a lawsuit against Harris and others in response to his home being raided after he exposed Planned Parenthood's harvesting of aborted baby body parts for profit. In response to the CMP's release of videos showing Planned Parenthood violating the law, then California Attorney General Harris ordered a raid on Daleiden's apartment in 2016 where his laptop, hard drives, and unreleased undercover videos were taken." (Michael Gryboski, "5 Kamala Harris Controversies: Extramarital Affair, Pro-Life Raid And Knights Of Columbus Criticism," Christian Post, 8/12/20)

  • The Lawsuit Stated That Daleiden Became "The First Journalist Ever" To Be Criminally Prosecuted Under California's Recording Law Because Harris Wanted To Cover Up The Shocking Evidence Against Planned Parenthood That Daleiden Produced. "Daleiden and CMP accused Harris and the other defendants of 'a brazen, unprecedented, and ongoing conspiracy to selectively use California's video recording laws as a political weapon to silence disfavored speech.' 'Daleiden became the first journalist ever to be criminally prosecuted under California's recording law ... because his investigation revealed and he published 'shock[ing]' content that California's Attorney General and the private party coconspirators wanted to cover up,' the lawsuit states. 'Defendants seek their 'pound of flesh' from Mr. Daleiden and to chill other journalists from investigating and reporting on that same content.'" (Michael Gryboski, "5 Kamala Harris Controversies: Extramarital Affair, Pro-Life Raid And Knights Of Columbus Criticism," Christian Post, 8/12/20)


Harris Has Peddled Anti-Catholic Bigotry, Saying A Federal Judicial Nominee Was Disqualified Due To His Membership In The Knights Of Columbus

In 2018, Harris Insinuated That Nebraska District Judge Brian Buescher's Membership In The Charitable Catholic Organization The Knights of Columbus Disqualified Him From Serving Due To The Organization's Pro-Life Stance. "In late 2018, while evaluating the nomination of Brian Buescher to serve as a district judge in Nebraska, Harris posed a series of questions insinuating that his involvement in the Knights of Columbus — a charitable Catholic fraternal organization — disqualified him from serving on the bench. Here's one of her written questions: Since 1993, you have been a member of the Knights of Columbus, an all-male society comprised primarily of Catholic men. In 2016, Carl Anderson, leader of the Knights of Columbus, described abortion as 'a legal regime that has resulted in more than 40 million deaths.' Mr. Anderson went on to say that 'abortion is the killing of the innocent on a massive scale.' Were you aware that the Knights of Columbus opposed a woman's right to choose when you joined the organization. She went on to ask Buescher whether he was 'aware that the Knights of Columbus opposed marriage equality when [he] joined the organization' and whether he had 'never, in any way, assisted with or contributed to advocacy against women's reproductive rights.'" (Alexander Desanctis, "Kamala Harris's Anti-Catholic Bigotry," National Review, 8/11/20)

  • In 2019, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) Called Out Harris For "Religious Bigotry" In Her Attacks Against Buescher. "While I oppose the nomination of Brian Buescher to the U.S. District Court in Nebraska, I stand strongly against those who are fomenting religious bigotry, citing as disqualifiers Buescher's Catholicism and his affiliation with the Knights of Columbus. If Buescher is 'unqualified' because of his Catholicism and affiliation with the Knights of Columbus, then President John F. Kennedy, and the 'liberal lion of the Senate' Ted Kennedy would have been 'unqualified' for the same reasons. Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states that there 'shall be no religious test' for any seeking to serve in public office." (Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Op-Ed, "Elected Leaders Who Weaponize Religion Are Playing A Dangerous Game," The Hill, 1/8/19)

In 2019, The Senate Approved A Resolution Rebuking Harris For Attacking Buescher About His Membership In The Knights Of Columbus. "On Wednesday the Senate approved a resolution that rebuked two Democratic senators for questioning judicial nominees about their membership in the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal service organization. The resolution, introduced by Sen. Ben Sasse (R., Neb.), affirmed 'the sense of the Senate that disqualifying a nominee to federal office on the basis of membership in the Knights of Columbus violates the Constitution of the United States.' The Senate proceeded to affirm the resolution without objection." (Jeffrey Cimmino, "Senate Rebukes Harris And Hirono On Knights Of Columbus," The Washington Free Beacon, 1/16/19)

Like Biden, Harris Would Force Catholic Nuns To Buy Health Insurance That Funds Abortion And Birth Control

In July 2020, Harris Released A Statement Condemning The Supreme Court Ruling In Favor Of The Little Sisters Of The Poor, Calling It "Dangerous." "Today's ruling is a setback for reproductive health. As our country continues to face an unprecedented public health crisis, we should be building upon the success of the ACA and expanding access to affordable health care for everyone in America. Instead, the Trump administration has relentlessly attempted to rip health care away from millions of people across the country, including the 61.4 million people whose contraception has been covered without out-of-pocket costs thanks to the ACA. "For scores of workers, the Court ruled that whether their health insurance covers birth control is up to their boss. This decision is dangerous, particularly for people of color, low-wage workers, and LGBTQ+ people who are more likely to face financial and other barriers to care. Now, more than ever, Congress must take action to protect and expand access to contraception and other reproductive health care." (Press Release, "Harris Statement On Supreme Court Decision Restricting Access To Birth Control," Senator Kamala D. Harris, 7/8/20)

  • Harris Tweeted About The Supreme Court Ruling Calling It A "Shameful Decision." (Kamala Harris, Twitter, 7/8/20)

Harris Wants To Strip Away The Rights Of Catholics Who Have Religious Objections To Funding Abortion

In 2019, Harris Introduced A Bill To Amend The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) To Block Religious Or Moral Exemptions For Birth Control Coverage Mandates. Congressional Democrats reintroduced on Thursday an amendment to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) that aims to ensure the 1993 legislation is not used to permit discrimination in the name of religion. The Do No Harm Act states that RFRA 'should not be interpreted to authorize an exemption from generally applicable law that imposes the religious views, habits, or practices of one party upon another.'" (Gwen Aviles, "Congressional Democrats Reintroduce The Do No Harm Act," NBC News, 3/1/19)

  • The Do No Harm Act Would Strip Away The Rights Of Millions Of Faithful Americans By Rescinding Conscience Protections. "The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) protects people of faith. Democrats in the House and Senate are pushing the Do Not Harm Act that would strip away the rights of millions of Americans who, because of their faith, are pro-life or support traditional marriage, making this an election issue for 2018 (...) the reality is that most of the current threats to religious liberty concern rights of conscience on the matters that would be specifically exempted by the Do Not Harm Act. This bill targets countless faithful Christians and adherents of other faiths who turned out for President Trump because they believed his promise to protect religious liberty — a promise he continues to faithfully keep. It does not matter if people of faith are sincere in their love for people who disagree with them on those issues or go the extra mile to avoid causing offense. The political elites have decided that everyone must adhere to the government-approved orthodoxy on these social issues, and therefore legal protections that shield people of faith must be stripped away. That is not American. This country was founded on religious liberty. The Do Not Harm Act strikes at the heart of that freedom and should be an issue in the upcoming election. It gives voters a clear choice regarding the nation's future." (Ken Klukowski, "Democrats "Do No Harm Act" Makes Attacking Religious Liberty An Election Issue," The Hill, 6/8/18)


In 2011, Then-California Attorney General Harris Destroyed A Deal Between Prime Healthcare Services And The Daughters Of Charity Health System That Would Have Saved A Group Of Struggling Catholic Hospitals. "California Attorney General Kamala Harris is running for Senate, and some liberals call her a future President. So it's worth putting on the record how she blew up a deal by Prime Healthcare Services to rescue a group of struggling Catholic hospitals so she could curry favor with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)." ("When Unions Trump Hospitals," Wall Street Journal, 3/18/15)

  • The Daughters Of Charity's Primary Goal Was To Serve The "Medical Needs Of Low Income Families." "The Daughters of Charity Heath System is a group of hospitals with Roman Catholic affiliation, and one of its goals is to serve the medical needs of low-income families in and around the communities in which the hospitals are found. Part of the deal with Prime was to ensure that the hospitals would continue to provide treatment to these families without creating a financial burden on them."("Daughters Of Charity May File For Bankruptcy," Value Healthcare Services, Accessed 8/12/20)
  • "The Hospitals Had Been Bleeding Cash For Years Due To Inflexible Labor Contracts And Miserly Medicaid Payments." (Editorial, "Getting To Know Kamala Harris," The Wall Street Journal, 8/12/20)

At The Urging Of The Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Harris Attached Poison Pills To The Deal Between The Daughters Of Charity And Prime Healthcare Services, Forcing Prime To Withdraw Its Offer. "Last year the Daughters of Charity Health System sought to sell its six insolvent hospitals in California to Prime for $843 million including debt and pension liabilities. State law requires the AG to approve nonprofit hospital acquisitions. Ms. Harris attached several poison pills at the urging of the SEIU, which forced Prime last week to withdraw its offer." ("When Unions Trump Hospitals," Wall Street Journal, 3/18/15)

  • The SEIU "Opposed Prime's Takeover Because The Company Refused To Sign A Neutrality Agreement That Would Let Them Organize All Of Prime's Hospitals. Only Four Of Prime's 15 Hospitals In California At The Time Were Unionized." (Editorial, "Getting To Know Kamala Harris," The Wall Street Journal, 8/12/20)
  • Prime Warned That The Extreme Conditions Harris Wanted To Impose On The Deal Equated "A Denial Of Sale" By The Attorney General. "Ms. Harris's method against the Prime takeover was to impose unduly restrictive conditions. For instance, Prime agreed to maintain 24-hour nursing, surgery, anesthesia, laboratory, radiology and pharmacies at all of the hospitals for five years. Yet Ms. Harris mandated that nearly each hospital offer an additional 12 to 18 "essential services" such as orthopedics for 10 years regardless of community need. She also barred Prime from renegotiating contracts with county-managed Medicaid plans, which make up about a fifth of Daughters payments. These contracts are one of the only ways Prime could raise revenues since Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements are set by the state and federal governments." ("When Unions Trump Hospitals," Wall Street Journal, 3/18/15)
  • The Conditions Proposed By Harris Were "Unprecedented." "California's Attorney General must approve nonprofit hospital acquisitions, and Ms. Harris attached dozens of poison pills to the deal. They included requiring 24-hour nursing, surgery, anesthesia, laboratory, radiology and pharmacies for five years and mandating that hospitals offer an additional 12 to 18 'essential services' such as orthopedics for 10 years. These conditions were unprecedented." (Editorial, "Getting To Know Kamala Harris," The Wall Street Journal, 8/12/20)

Harris Later Approved The Hospitals' Sale To A Hedge Fund With The SEIU's Approval, But "Burdened By Debt And Expensive Collective-Bargaining Agreements, The Hospital Chain Declared Bankruptcy In 2018." "Later in 2015 Ms. Harris approved the Daughters' hospital sale to the BlueMountain Capital hedge fund for $260 million including $160 million in debt. The SEIU supported that deal. While imposing similar conditions on BlueMountain as on Prime, Ms. Harris allowed the hedge fund to operate the hospitals as tax-exempt nonprofits for several years. Yet burdened by debt and expensive collective-bargaining agreements, the hospital chain declared bankruptcy in August 2018 and was put up for sale. The federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. assumed its pension obligations and slashed payments to workers and retirees. Two hospitals were sold to local governments for a pittance." (Editorial, "Getting To Know Kamala Harris," The Wall Street Journal, 8/12/20)

Donald J. Trump, Trump Campaign Press Release - A Biden-Harris Administration Would Be A Disaster For Catholics Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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