Franklin D. Roosevelt

A Tribute to Grover Cleveland.

March 15, 1935

My dear Dr. Robinson:

Nothing could give me greater pleasure than this opportunity to express my appreciation of Grover Cleveland on the occasion of his birthday. The passage of time does not dim his memory, but rather serves to enlarge the stature of a character so simple, so straightforward that it neither requires nor permits the tribute of our rhetoric. The imprint of that character upon our American life becomes constantly deeper, more distinct, lastingly carved in letters which say: "Here was a man."

Grover Cleveland's long career in the service of his country was founded upon the belief that the Government exists to serve the people; in behalf of this creed, he was prepared to work, to fight—to be misunderstood. His decisions came from principle, and his principles came from what he believed to be right.

The value of such a leader far outlasts the span of his own brief life and becomes an ever-present force for righteousness in the generations that follow. I commend the study of Grover Cleveland to all our fellow citizens in the knowledge that they will find in him a pattern of patriotic conduct.

Sincerely yours,

David Robinson, Esquire,


Grover Cleveland Association,

New York, N. Y.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, A Tribute to Grover Cleveland. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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