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Toasts of the President and Chancellor Bruno Kreisky of Austria at a State Dinner in Salzburg

June 01, 1975

Chancellor Kreisky, President Sadat, honored guests, ladies and gentlemen:

In the few hours that Mrs. Ford and I have been here, we have been struck by the remarkable charm and the character of Salzburg. And we thank our hosts in this area for their warmth and the friendship that they have shown us.

Austria and the United States have enjoyed warm and 'friendly ties over a long span of time. Our relationship during the postwar period has been especially close and mutually sustaining.

We value Austria's important role in the search for order and stability in the world, for its contributions in the Middle East, in Cyprus, and elsewhere, in the effort to preserve peace and work toward the negotiated resolution of international conflicts.

When I arrived this morning, I spoke of the reestablishment of a sovereign Austria, the 20th anniversary of which was celebrated just a few weeks ago. The State Treaty and subsequent rebuilding of Austria has served as a landmark for the postwar history.

This landmark demonstrates the possibility of achieving stability and security through negotiation and strict adherence to the principles of democratic self-determination and national sovereignty.

The conciliation demonstrated by all sides helped to produce the vigorous, dynamic, and prosperous Austria that we see today. It contributed to a stable, regional political environment. This experience proves a useful lesson in the search for peace in other regions.

I am particularly grateful to your government and to you, Mr. Chancellor, for providing these hospitable surroundings for the meetings with President Sadat.

In our talks today, we have had a welcome opportunity to review the recent positive trends and relations between the United States and Egypt. We have also begun a very useful review of developments in the Middle East, and the exchange of views has been extremely helpful. It is my fervent hope that our talks will contribute to a settlement in the Middle East.

Mr. Chancellor, I raise my glass to Austria and to the objectives that we seek and to you and to world peace.

Note: The President spoke at approximately 9:45 p.m. at the Salzburg Residenz in response to toasts by Chancellor Kreisky and President Sadat.

Chancellor Kreisky spoke in German. His remarks were translated by an interpreter as follows:

My dear Presidents, ladies and gentlemen:

The people of Austria are honored and pleased that two leaders, two heads of state of such great importance, have decided to meet in Austria in order to become acquainted with one another here in the city and in the land of Salzburg.

The Austrian Federal Government is aware of the political significance of this meeting. It does not presume to seek a share in this dialog. It only wants to express its hope that the deliberations between two statesmen of such great importance may serve the cause of peace and understanding among nations.

The Federal President has authorized me to raise my glass on his behalf and on behalf of the Austrian Federal Government to the personal well-being of the two Presidents and to the health and well-being of their nations.

Earlier in the day, President Ford and President Sadat held a meeting at the Resident.

Gerald R. Ford, Toasts of the President and Chancellor Bruno Kreisky of Austria at a State Dinner in Salzburg Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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