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Toast by the President at a Dinner Given in His Honor by President de Gaulle

April 25, 1960

Mr. President, Madame de Gaulle, and friends:

General de Gaulle, over two decades you and I have met in unusual circumstances, both in war and in peace. We have met in Casablanca and in Algiers, and in London and Paris. In all those meetings, many of which were important for the progress of events that were then afoot, I am sure I have never felt any greater sense of satisfaction at the outcome than I have of your visit here to Washington.

You have been able to meet the Members of our Congress, and to speak to them. You have spoken to them as a symbol of modern France. You have spoken indirectly to all the people who have seen you, both on the streets and on the family television. You have met the members of the Executive Department--and everywhere people say: General de Gaulle is a direct, forceful, and great man.

I have met this evening several of my friends from Congress. They have said words that mean just what I have now indicated, because of the speech that you made before them this noon.

Other millions will see you on their televisions, and the streets of New York, and other cities. To all of them you will be the symbol of a France that is regenerated, that has come back from the depths of World War II--again a great influence, marching on the side of all the other free nations, in favor of freedom, independence, and with human feeling for those nations less fortunate. You will be the spokesman for an ally that we have been fortunate to have ever since the Battle of Saratoga. As I recall--and my military history should be accurate--I think it was completed on October 17, 1777, and its principal result was that it brought France as the ally of America. Since that time France and America have been great friends--and your visit has made us greater friends. Of that I can assure you, on behalf of myself, the Government, and all of the people that you will meet.

And so for me it is an especial privilege to raise my glass to General de Gaulle, the President of the French Republic and the French Community. President de Gaulle!

Note: The President proposed the toast at the dinner given in his honor at the French Embassy Residence.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, Toast by the President at a Dinner Given in His Honor by President de Gaulle Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/234192

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