Franklin D. Roosevelt

Toast to the King, Ottawa, Canada

August 25, 1943

I wish that I might go with you to the Yukon, and to Alaska. In these days of planes and cars, distances seem nothing. That, perhaps, is the reason why this is my first trip to Canada. One always goes to the nearest places last. But, of course, both in Quebec and here, when anybody has spoken of my visit to this Capital, I cannot help remembering that I started coming to Canada 59 years ago—and meant to every year since.

I won't express any preference for the seaboard or the interior, but the seaboard is a very charming place. And its fish, while of a different character, are just as beautiful as the fish of Georgian Bay.

I have never been in the Northwest. I am one of those amphibious creatures who has visited Victoria, but never Vancouver; so I have a great deal still to see. Mr. King has talked with me for many years about going to see the Prairie States. I have never had that opportunity.

As a matter of fact, four years ago, when the King and Queen were here and came to Hyde Park, he was able to tell me far more about Canada as a whole than I knew from my own experience. And I hope very much that because I have had the privilege of knowing you for a great many years, that he will come over again one of these days—the sooner the better—to visit you, and visit us below the line.

And so I give a toast to the King.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Toast to the King, Ottawa, Canada Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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