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Thompson Campaign Press Release - What The Media Is Saying About Fred Thompson: "Courageous," "Honest," "Detailed," and "Substantive"

November 26, 2007

"[T]he former Tennessee senator has produced the most courageous proposal of the campaign." (Washington Post Editorial, 11/16/07)

"Fred Thompson may have started his presidential campaign late, but he is the first candidate in either party to come out with solid plans to reform Social Security and immigration." (National Review Editorial, 11/14/07)

"Republican presidential contender Fred Thompson's plan to save Social Security and protect seniors, which he introduced Friday afternoon in a Washington, D.C., hotel, differs starkly from standard election year pablum on the subject in one key way: He's actually treating voters like adults." (ABC, 11/9/07)

"Conservative economic experts applauded Thompson for offering specifics on an issue considered to be politically dangerous." (Tennessean, 11/10/07)

"...Thompson has released more detailed policy proposals than the other major GOP candidates." (NBC's First Read, 11/26/07)

"Surprising many skeptics, he has issued substantive policy proposals on reforming Social Security, dealing with immigration and enlarging the U.S. military." (Time, 11/23/07)

"Presidential candidates hate telling voters what they plan to do for fear of scaring them off. Kudos, then, to Fred Thompson for being the first to unveil a plan to solve our looming Social Security crisis." (Investor's Business Daily, 11/13/07)

"Thompson wants to tell the truth about Social Security and force everyone else in the game to respond. This issue is a real character-building definer for Fred Thompson. No one else on the campaign trail, in either party, is willing to discuss Social Security in such frank terms. But that's the revitalized Fred Thompson. The more I challenged him, the more animated he became. He simply refused to stand down." (Larry Kudlow, National Review, 11/19/07)

"The other candidates say that they want to fix entitlements and control our borders, but only Thompson has outlined specific, conservative policies." (National Review Editorial, 11/14/07)

"None of the other Republican candidates has put forward a plan that deals so frankly with the challenges of reforming Social Security." (National Review Editorial, 11/14/07)

"A revitalized Thompson has an honest, clear, straightforward message of economic freedom and problem solving." (Larry Kudlow, National Review, 11/19/07)

"[I]n a campaign in which candidates have preferred to dodge difficult choices on Social Security, Mr. Thompson's proposal has attractive elements and deserves applause for making some tough choices." (Washington Post Editorial, 11/16/07)

"[Thompson is] the first candidate of either party to offer a detailed proposal to fix the nation's retirement system." (Washington Post, 11/10/07)

"Mr. Thompson's plan...was more specific than what the Bush White House put on the table when it sought to overhaul the system. It also varied substantially from the traditional conservative approach of focusing primarily on personal investment accounts." (New York Times, 11/10/07)

"Thompson's proposal will solve what is without question the biggest fiscal problem this nation faces over the next century: paying for the surge of baby boomers who start drawing Social Security next year." (Investor's Business Daily Editorial, 11/13/07)

"But his proposal to create add-on savings accounts to Social Security and to reduce the program's cost by changing how initial benefits are calculated could be the foundation for a bi-partisan compromise. At the very least, Thompson's policy proposals prove that he's not running just on his acting skills and regional appeal." (Time, 11/23/07)

"Two Cheers for Mr. Thompson" (Washington Post Editorial, 11/16/07)

"Thompson's most recent proposal is a detailed plan to increase the size of the military...This is a welcome development; additional detailed proposals like Thompson's would be even more welcome." (National Review Editorial, 11/14/07)

"And while most candidates have called for increasing the size of the military, Thompson laid out a detailed plan to achieve that end in a Tuesday speech at the Citadel Military College." (National Review Editorial, 11/14/07)

" seeking to show he is willing to take on tough issues if elected in November 2008, telling a news conference in Washington he was the only candidate to offer an extensive Social Security plan." (Reuters, 11/10/07)

"I vastly prefer positive policy visions to down-in-the-mud trashing. (I know, I know, criticizing each other on the issues is a key part of politics.) But my great hope is that the Republican contenders will emphasize their key policy visions as the race heats up." (Larry Kudlow, National Review, 11/26/07)

"On these issues, Thompson has set a standard for specificity, conservatism, and soundness that we would like to see the other Republican candidates measure up to." (National Review Editorial, 11/14/07)

"In the last few weeks, the former actor and senator from Tennessee has sharpened his message, picked up the pace of his campaign, leveled some clean shots at his opponents, cut two effective television ads, received one very big endorsement and issued some of the most substantial policy proposals of any of the Republican contenders." (Time, 11/23/07)

""It's obvious why conservatives see something to like in Thompson. He has offered clear, conservative ideas on fixing Social Security, policing immigration, and expanding the military. We encourage the other candidates to follow his lead." (National Review Editorial, 11/14/07)

Fred Thompson, Thompson Campaign Press Release - What The Media Is Saying About Fred Thompson: "Courageous," "Honest," "Detailed," and "Substantive" Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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