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Thompson Campaign Press Release - Thompson Calls DREAM Act 'Stealth Amnesty'

October 24, 2007

Below are excerpts of a commentary by Sen. Fred Thompson on the DREAM Act. The Senate is scheduled to begin consideration of the DREAM act this afternoon.

"Just when we'd thought we'd sent the illegal-immigrant amnesty bill packing (at least for this year), Congress has ignored the public's wishes and is trying to sneak what amounts to another amnesty bill through.

"After several false starts Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) continues to push the DREAM Act. What is the DREAM Act? A nightmare.

"Essentially, the DREAM Act puts some illegal aliens in a better position for residency than legal aliens who have played by the rules.

"At a time when hard working Americans are being asked to foot the bill for costlier college educations, we shouldn't be offering special deals to people here illegally. We need fewer, not more, incentives for illegal aliens to come to this country.

"Instead of focusing on legislation the American people clearly want nothing to do with, Senate Democrats are planning to bring the DREAM Act up for a vote today."

Yesterday, Sen. Thompson unveiled a comprehensive border security and immigration enforcement proposal that would make America safer by increasing security at our nation's borders, enforcing our country's existing laws to reduce the incentive for illegal immigration and streamlining the legal immigration process. For the full Border Security and Immigration Reform plan, please visit .

For the full commentary, please visit .

Fred Thompson, Thompson Campaign Press Release - Thompson Calls DREAM Act 'Stealth Amnesty' Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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