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Thompson Campaign Press Release - Key Cobb County Republicans Endorse Fred Thompson

October 18, 2007

Law Enforcement Leaders and Legislators from Georgia's Most Republican County Announce Support

McLean, VA - Today in a joint press conference, Sheriff Neil Warren, Representative Earl Ehrhart, and District Attorney Pat Head of Cobb County announced their endorsement of Fred Thompson for President.

Sheriff Warren has served the Cobb County Government and Sheriff's Department for his entire career. After serving as Chief Deputy Sheriff, he was elected Sheriff in 2004. Recently, Sheriff Warren instituted a policy that institutes deportation proceedings for illegal aliens being housed in the Cobb County penitentiary system. In the past 4 months, Sheriff Warren has begun proceedings against 281 illegal immigrants being held in Cobb County jails.

"Senator Thompson is the one candidate with clear and consistently conservative values who can defeat Hillary Clinton," said Sheriff Warren. "America needs a candidate who will stand tall for our freedom, our values, our borders and our safety; Senator Thompson will do just that."

Pat Head has served as District Attorney since 1998. A veteran of the United States Navy, District Attorney Head is a former Solicitor for the State Court of Cobb County and a Member of the Board of Governors for the State Bar of Georgia.

Representative Ehrhart is the longest serving Republican in the Georgia House of Representatives. The Chairman of the House Rules Committee, Rep. Ehrhart is the former Republican Minority Whip and in 2005 was elected as the National Chairman of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

"I am proud to have the support of Sheriff Warren, Representative Ehrhart, and District Attorney Head," said Senator Thompson. "I commend these three men for their years of service and leadership in the state of Georgia and look forward to working to spread our shared values from the campaign trail to the White House."

In addition to today's announced endorsements, Representative Rich Golick has pledged his support to Senator Thompson and State Senator Chip Rogers currently serves as Georgia Executive Director of the Thompson Campaign.

Fred Thompson, Thompson Campaign Press Release - Key Cobb County Republicans Endorse Fred Thompson Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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