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Thompson Campaign Press Release - Fred Thompson Announces Congressional Leadership Team

October 25, 2007

High Ranking Republican Congressional Leaders Working for Thompson Campaign

McLean, VA - Today Senator Fred Thompson announced his Congressional Leadership team: Senator Lamar Alexander, Senator Bob Corker, Congressman Zach Wamp, and Congressman Adam Putnam will serve as Fred Thompson's liaisons on Capitol Hill.

Senator Lamar Alexander will serve as the Congressional Liaison for the Fred Thompson Campaign. Elected to the Senate in 2002, Senator Alexander has served previously as the Governor of Tennessee from 1979-1987, President of the University of Tennessee from 1988-1991, as well as Secretary of Education from 1991-1993 under President George H.W. Bush. He currently serves on the Senate Appropriations Committee, is the third ranking Republican on the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, and is a member of the Senate Rules Committee and the Environment and Public Works Committee.

"Fred Thompson is a great friend whose record reflects consistent commitments to conservative principles," said Senator Alexander. "He is the right man to lead this nation and I look forward to spreading his message as his Congressional Liaison."

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker will serve the Thompson campaign as the Senate Liaison. A graduate of the University of Tennessee and native of Chattanooga, Senator Corker served for two years as Tennessee Commissioner of Finance and Administration, the highest ranking appointed office in the state. In 2001, he was elected mayor of Chattanooga where he worked to significantly reduce crime, improve education, and promote economic growth. Recently elected to the Senate in 2006, Senator Corker is a member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Armed Services Committee, as well as the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

"Fred Thompson is a thoughtful conservative, a great communicator and has an independent nature which will allow him to make good decisions on behalf of our country," said Senator Corker. "Fred is my friend and I'm proud to be supporting him."

Congressman Zach Wamp of Tennessee will serve as Co-House Liaison for the Thompson campaign. First elected to Congress in 1994, Congressman Wamp serves as a senior member on the House Appropriations Committee as well as the Ranking Member of the Legislative Branch Subcommittee of Appropriations. Having previously served as Chairman of the House Republican Policy Energy and Technology Subcommittee, he has been a strong advocate for policies promoting increased energy independence. Congressman Wamp also previously served as co-chair of the Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee.

"Fred Thompson is the most presidential of any candidate from either party," said Congressman Wamp. "As a consistent conservative, Fred is strong, resolute and prepared to lead America through the challenging days ahead."

Joining Congressman Wamp as Co-House Liaison is Congressman Adam Putnam of Florida. The third ranking member of the House Republican leadership, Putnam serves as Chairman of the House Republican Conference. He previously served as Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee and in 2004 was named one of National Journal's Homeland Security 100-the top 100 key government officials and outside experts.

"Senator Thompson has the qualities necessary to lead this nation in the face of growing global challenges," said Congressman Putnam. "I look forward to helping spread our shared conservative values and I am honored to serve as his Co-House Liaison."

"I thank my good friends for their leadership in Congress and I am honored and very pleased to have them serve as Congressional Liaisons for my campaign," said Senator Fred Thompson. "I have seen the strong leadership of Congressman Wamp and Congressman Putnam in Congress, and I have watched Senator Alexander and Senator Corker serve as great ambassadors for the people of my home state. These leaders share in my commitment to small town values and conservative principles, and I look forward to working closely with them in the months ahead to spread our consistent conservative message."

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