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Thompson Campaign Press Release - In Case You Missed It...The Politico: 'Values voters' flock to Thompson

October 20, 2007

Excerpts From: "'Values voters' flock to Thompson"

The Politico

October 20, 2007

Fred Thompson may have failed to impress Beltway insiders when he finally launched his run for the White House last month, but he is winning over a critical segment of the Republican coalition, new polling suggests.

Conservative Christians favor Thompson by a 10-point margin over his closest rival, Rudy Giuliani.

It's a sharp reversal for Giuliani. The putative GOP frontrunner had been winning social conservative backing despite his history of support for abortion rights and gay rights.

Thompson has changed that.

Giuliani leads Thompson 29 to 21 percent among Republicans generally, the new national CBS News poll suggests.

But weekly Republican churchgoers back Thompson by a margin of 29 percent to 19 percent for Giuliani -- roughly tying John McCain.

That means that despite criticism of Thompson for his subdued speeches, his pregnant pauses, and his lackluster launch, the Tennessean is succeeding in courting the very base of support his campaign targeted from the outset - the Christian conservatives who have been the largest and most active bloc of the GOP for a generation.


Thompson's strategy seems to be working.

Only a third of conservative Christian Republicans -- defined as those who attend church at least once a week -- say they would support a candidate who disagrees with them on "social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage," according to the CBS poll taken October 12-16.

Giuliani and Romney have both disagreed with them in the past, at least as far as abortion is concerned.


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