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The President's News Conference

April 16, 1929


THE PRESIDENT. Well, I am afraid this is a famine day. I have only two questions for you this morning, one of which I am not prepared to deal with until later in the week. The other relates to Mr.MacCracken 1 as to when he may retire and who his successor will be. Mr. MacCracken probably will retire in a couple of months, and there has been no consideration of his successor yet. We are trying to hold on to Mr. MacCracken.

1 William P. MacCracken Jr., was Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aviation.


The list of appointments sent up this morning did not contain the names of any of the judges. Those will be going up tomorrow. We want to fill one or two more.

Q. Will that be the full list of judges ?

THE PRESIDENT. There are two or three that I don't think we will have settled, but all the major appointments.

Q. Mr. President, will that include all New Yorkers?

THE PRESIDENT. No, I am not certain. There are five. There is no successor to Winslow2--that is one of the determinable judges under the legislation on which the appointment was made. But in any event we will send up four of the New Yorkers out of the five. We may send them all but I am not quite certain.

2 Francis Asbury Winslow was U.S. District Judge, Southern District of New York.


Mr. Rhoads has accepted the appointment as chief of the Indian Bureau, which I think is rather a notable case of public service from a man who makes a very large sacrifice to leave one of the most important posts a man can have in his local community to take over a bureau in Washington.

Other than that, I have nothing.

Note: President Hoover's thirteenth news conference was held in the White House at 12 noon on Tuesday, April 16, 1929.

On the same day, the White House issued a biographical sketch of Charles J. Rhoads.

On April 18, the President submitted to the Senate 10 nominations for judicial posts. In connection with the nominations, the White House, on April 17, released lists of individuals and organizations endorsing the nominees. The nominees were: George T. McDermott and Orie L. Phillips to be United States Circuit Judges, 10th Circuit; Clarence G. Galston to be United States District Judge, Eastern District, New York; Alfred A. Wheat to be Associate Justice, Supreme Court, District of Columbia; J. Lyles Glenn to be United States District Judge for South Carolina; A. Lee Wyman to be United States District Judge, District of South Dakota; Archibald K. Gardner to be United States Circuit Judge, 8th [p.75] Circuit; and John M. Woolsey, Francis G. Caffey, and Alfred C. Coxe to be United States District Judges, Southern District of New York.

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