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The President's News Conference

November 18, 1930


THE PRESIDENT. As you are aware, under the law I have to transmit to the Congress the conclusions of the Census in respect to reapportionment. The Census has furnished me with the conclusions on the subject, and I will give them to you. I will not attempt to read the results.

Q. Will there be copies for us, Mr. President ?


They do not differ very largely from the surmises that you gentlemen have already worked out, but these are the final conclusions under the law.


I have today made an Executive order [5491] placing all future appointments in the District government under the Civil Service. This does not apply to the existing employees. It does not change the status or position of any person at present working in the District, but all future appointments will be made under the Civil Service law.

Q. Mr. President, will that apply to the District Commissioners? They are employees of the District.

THE PRESIDENT. No, it does not apply to the District Commissioners. As there has to be confirmation of the Senate, it takes them out of that.

Q. Does that mean Presidential appointments--

THE PRESIDENT. I can give it all to you. I will read it [EO 5491] to you: "The Commissioners of the District of Columbia and the United States Civil Service Commission have agreed that it would be in the interests of good administration to make appointments to positions under the Government of the District of Columbia after tests of qualifications.

"The United States Civil Service Commission is, therefore, authorized to apply the principles of the Civil Service Act and rules, as far as may be done without incurring additional expense, by certifying to the Board of Commissioners the names of eligibles from appropriate registers established for the Federal service, such certifications and appointments to be made under regulations agreed upon by the Board of Commissioners and the United States Civil Service Commission. Appointments and promotions to the Metropolitan Police and Fire Departments are already made in accordance with the Civil Service Act and rules, as provided by statute."

Those regulations have not as yet been made.

I assume it will take care of the fact that the District Commissioners do not come within the Civil Service requirements.

Note: President Hoover's one hundred and fifty-fourth news conference was held in the White House at 12 noon on Tuesday, November 18, 1930.

On the same day, the White House also issued a text of the statement on the 15th Decennial Census and reapportionment (see Item 374).

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