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The President's News Conference

July 22, 1930


THE PRESIDENT. Someone wants to know if I will ask an interpretation of the Attorney General of the amendment to the Water Power Act [46 Stat. 797] as to recess appointments. I have done that very thing.


I shall have the gratification of signing the naval treaty this afternoon at 3 o'clock. It is a matter of satisfaction that this great accomplishment in international relations has at all steps been given the united support of both our political parties, which shows a solid front in our foreign relations.

With the ratification by the other governments the treaty will translate an emotion deep in the hearts of millions of men and women into a practical fact of government and international relations. It will renew again the faith of the world in the moral forces of good will and patient negotiation as against the blind forces of suspicion and competitive armament. It will secure the full defense of the United States. It will mark a further long step toward lifting the burden of militarism from the backs of mankind and speed forward the march of world peace. It will lay the foundations upon which further constructive reduction in world arms may be accomplished in the future. We should, by this act of willingness to join with others in limiting our arms, have dismissed from the mind of the world any notion that the United States entertains ideas of aggression, or imperial power, or exploitation of other nations. It is a great accomplishment. I hope Mr. Henning will join with us in the idea.

ARTHUR SEARS HENNING. Why the special attention, Mr. President?

THE PRESIDENT. I just thought you might get some satisfaction out of it.

Note: President Hoover's one hundred and twenty-eighth news conference was held in the White House at 12 noon on Tuesday, July 22, 1930.

On the same day, the White House also issued a text of the President's statement about signing the Treaty for the Limitation and Reduction of Naval Armaments (see Item 241 ).

Mr. Henning, a veteran correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, had covered the London Naval Conference.

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