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The President's News Conference

March 28, 1930


THE PRESIDENT. The only thing I have today is the Haitian Commission's report. You will find their recommendations on page 19, and the administration will adopt those recommendations as the basis of its policies in Haiti. I leave it to you to read the recommendations and save you time and trouble. You will find them all in the book, and we will present you with the book at once.

And that is all I have got for this occasion.

Q. Mr. President, may we take it that you approve this report ?

THE PRESIDENT. Yes--we will follow the recommendations as the basis of our Haiti policies.

Note: President Hoover's one hundredth news conference was held in the State, War, and Navy Building at 4 p.m. on Friday, March 28, 1930.

The report, issued by the Department of State, Latin American Series No. 2, is entitled "Report of the President's Commission for the Study and Review of Conditions in the Republic of Haiti" (Government Printing Office, 45 pp. and appendix). The recommendations on page 19, to which the President referred, follow:

The Commission recommends:

(1) That the detail of Naval and Marine officers for all Haitian services be made for a minimum of four years and that an effort be made to secure Americans who will agree to continue employment in these services, so that upon the expiration of the treaty a force of American doctors, engineers, and police officers will be available for continued assistance to the Haitian Government, should it then desire it;

(2) That, if possible, some form of continuing appropriation for roads be urged for expenditure by the Haitian Government, with a policy that will provide enough funds to keep all existing roads in suitable repair before any new construction is undertaken; also, in regard to further construction, that only roads most urgently needed to develop regions now settled and under cultivation be undertaken until the present economic depression has passed;

(3) That the United States interpose no objections to a moderate reduction of the customs duties, internal revenue taxes, especially those imposed upon alcohol and tobacco, or to a reduction or elimination of the export tax on coffee, if the condition of the Treasury so warrants;

(4) That it be suggested to the Haitian Government that it employ one American adviser in each administrative department of the Government to perform such work as the respective Cabinet Minister may delegate to him, these officers to give expert advice and assistance to the Haitian Government, similar to that given by American officers in China, Siam, and Nicaragua, for naval matters in Brazil, and for educational matters in Peru;

(5) That, as an act of graciousness on the part of the United States, a moderate appropriation be made available during the continuance of the treaty to defray the cost of American civil officials in the Haitian Government service;

(6) That an appointment of a military attaché be made to the Legation when the time shall arrive for a Minister to replace the High Commissioner, as the question of the preservation of order is of first importance and the Minister should have the advantage of his advice on military and police matters;

(7) That an adequate Legation building be constructed immediately by the Government of the United States in the city of Port au Prince to provide a suitable residence for the American Minister and appropriate offices.

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