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Text of Remarks at a Dinner Hosted by President Oscar Scalfaro of Italy in Rome

June 03, 1994

Mr. President and distinguished guests, the British historian Trevelyan wrote of General Garibaldi that he would live on as "the incarnate symbol of two passions not likely soon to die out of the world, the love of country and the love of freedom." As we commemorate this 50th anniversary of the events that returned freedom to your great country, I want to praise the work you have done, Mr. President, as also embodying your commitment to the freedom-loving Italian people and the democratic Italian state.

Italy's transformation over the past half century is a modern miracle. From the ruins of World War II, it has become one of the world's great economies, an anchor of transatlantic security, and a sturdy democracy, which, like our own, is renewing its strength by pursuing reforms.

As we gather this week to pay special homage to those whose courage, vision, and sacrifice helped to create and sustain a republican Italy and a Western alliance of democratic nations, the United States salutes you, Mr. President, for your past and present efforts to safeguard Italian democracy. Mr. President, on behalf of the American people, who share so many bonds of kinship and fellowship with the Italian people, I offer a toast to you and to your country: Viva l'Italia!

William J. Clinton, Text of Remarks at a Dinner Hosted by President Oscar Scalfaro of Italy in Rome Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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