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Telegram Urging States to Adopt Minimum Wage Legislation.

April 12, 1933

May I call your attention to minimum wage law just passed by Legislature of New York and approved by Governor Lehman which declares it against public policy for any employer to pay women or minors a wage which is "both less than the fair and reasonable value of services rendered and less than sufficient to meet the ultimate cost of living necessary for health." This represents great forward step against lowering of wages, which constitutes a serious form of unfair competition against other employers, reduces the purchasing power of the workers and threatens the stability of industry. I hope that similar action can be taken by the other States for protection of the public interest.

This telegram was sent to the following Governors:

Governor A. Harry Moore, New Jersey

Governor Gifford Pinchot, Pennsylvania

Governor Wilbur L. Cross, Connecticut

Governor Theodore F. Greene, Rhode Island

Governor Henry Horner, Illinois

Governor Paul V. McNutt, Indiana

Governor George White, Ohio

Governor William A. Comstock, Michigan

Governor Albert C. Ritchie, Maryland

Governor C. Douglas Buck, Delaware

Governor J. C. B. Eringhaus, North Carolina

Governor B. M. Miller, Alabama

Governor John G. Winant, New Hampshire

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Telegram Urging States to Adopt Minimum Wage Legislation. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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