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Telegram to the Texas Democratic Party Convention.

September 17, 1968

AS AN absentee member of the Texas Democratic Party, I greet you and wish you well in this year's campaign--the local, State, and national contests that we will win by working together.

Eight years ago, in a closely fought presidential campaign, I asked you to give your undivided support to the Democratic ticket. Your magnificent response spelled the difference between victory and defeat. This year, in another crucial election, I again ask you to close ranks behind our candidates.

I ask you to give the same loyalty to Hubert Humphrey that he has given to the Democratic Party all his life.

I ask you to work as hard for him as he has worked for America.

I ask you to give him the same strength that he has given me.

Hubert Humphrey is a fighter and a patriot. I have stood beside him in the battles of 20 years. I have watched him give his courage, common sense, and compassion to the cause of America.

That is why I picked him as my Vice President. He had earned my confidence and admiration as the man best qualified to serve a heartbeat away from the Presidency. I feel even more strongly about his qualifications today.

But most of all, a Democratic victory this November will mean the difference between a united and divided America--between constructive action and destructive reaction-between the progress that our Democratic Party has always brought and the stagnation that the other party has always wrought.

A Democratic victory this November can also mean the difference between world order and world chaos. Unless we Democrats unite to heal and lead America--America will never have the vision to heal and lead the world.

Texas is a critical State in a critical election. This year, again, our party and our people look to your unity and your leadership for strength. I know you will not fail them. I know that Hubert Humphrey and Ed Muskie can count on you to carry the banner of victory into every precinct, every town and every county of our great State.

It is a single banner. It asks every hand because it speaks for the bravest and highest of all our hopes. It says, "Win this one for America--all America."


Note: See also Item 497.

Lyndon B. Johnson, Telegram to the Texas Democratic Party Convention. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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