Franklin D. Roosevelt

Telegram to the King of Belgium.

May 11, 1940

His Majesty

Leopold HI,

King of the Belgians,

Brussels, Belgium

I have received Your Majesty's Telegram. As I stated in an address which I delivered last night to representatives of the twenty-one American Republics, the cruel invasion by force of arms of the independent nations of Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg has shocked and angered the people of the United States and, I feel sure, their neighbors in the Western Hemisphere. The people of the United States hope, as do I, that policies which seek to dominate peaceful and independent peoples through force and military aggression may be arrested, and that the Government and people of Belgium may preserve their integrity and their freedom. As an old personal friend I send you my warm personal regards.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Telegram to the King of Belgium. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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