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Telegram to General Eisenhower on the 91st Anniversary of the Birth of Herbert Hoover.

August 10, 1965

ON THIS 91st anniversary of the birth of President Hoover, may I ask you to convey my warmest personal good wishes to the members of his family, friends and all others assembled today to pay tribute to this great and good American.

Like yourself, Mr. President, Herbert Hoover was a man larger than party and partisanship. It is gratifying to me, as I know it is for you, to see history recognize and honor this President whose life and works so well epitomized the humanitarianism, dignity, love of freedom and devotion to peace of the American people.

Over the years of my friendship with him, I found President Hoover to be one of the wisest and most inspiring men I have been privileged to know. As a Nation we have much to profit from remembering the uncomplaining selflessness of Herbert Hoover's life of service as well as from the memory of the words he so wisely spoke.

For it was President Hoover who told Americans 35 years ago that, "Peace requires unremitting, courageous campaigns, laid with strategy and carried on successfully on a hundred fronts and sustained in the spirit and from the hearts of every individual in every town and village of our country."

This is the essential spirit with which we must and do face the challenges confronting us now in keeping from administration to administration the sacred honor of our Nation pledged to those peoples around the world willing to defend the treasure of human liberty.

As you know, there is now on my desk legislation designating the birthplace of Herbert Hoover as a national historical site. I am not signing it on this anniversary because of the attendance of so many of those closest to President Hoover at the ceremonies in West Branch. But it is my hope that you, members of the family and others identified with his service and with his party will shortly join me at the White House to honor President Hoover still further when this measure is signed into law as a symbol of affection and respect for him.


[General Dwight D. Eisenhower, West Branch, Iowa.]

Note: An act to establish the Herbert Hoover National Historical Site in the State of Iowa was approved by the President on August 12, 1965 (see Item 420).

Lyndon B. Johnson, Telegram to General Eisenhower on the 91st Anniversary of the Birth of Herbert Hoover. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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