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Telegram Accepting the Republican Presidential Nomination

June 12, 1936

Hon. Bertrand H. Snell, Chairman,
Republican National Convention, Cleveland, Ohio.

Mr. Chairman and Delegates of the Republican party assembled in National Convention:

The message conveyed by the telegram from the convention moves me deeply. When the summons of which it tells is duly delivered, I shall respond and, humbly relying upon Him in Whom is the source of all true strength, I shall take the responsibility. You have given me heart to face this responsibility by the splendid work you have done in your convention.

Your deliberations are the living proof that there are men and women able enough and brave enough to see the facts of our national problems and to meet them in the American way.

This is the spirit inherent in our party name. The Republican party of Thomas Jefferson was dedicated to establish the rights and institutions of free men upon this continent. The Republican party of Abraham Lincoln was dedicated to the maintenance of a government of the people, by the people and for the people. You have dedicated the Republican party of today to giving new life and reality to these eternal principles in the light of changing needs and conditions.

Let us accept all of the obligations of this legacy and unite to make it serve as noble a purpose in our time as ever it served in the times out of which the earlier Republican parties were born.

We shall succeed by bringing to our task the same devotion to human welfare and the common good which inspired those in whose steps we now follow.

Your declaration of principles is a charter of political freedom and economic justice. It keeps faith with the cherished belief of our people in a future that will be better than the present or the past. Let us put our trust in the courage and the common sense of the American people, in their love of liberty and of justice—never doubting their firm resolve to repossess themselves of their government under a leadership worthy to serve the cause of our beloved country.

And to prove our faith in the fitness of the American people to govern themselves, under a Constitution of their own making, let us go forward to meet the issue in the example of Mr. Lincoln, who "always addressed the intelligence of men, never their prejudice, their passion or their ignorance."

This is the road to duty well and bravely done, as I believe: the road that leads to the victory for which we fight, and pray we may deserve.


Note: The message of congratulation, sent by Chairman Snell, read: Governor Alfred M. Landon,

Topeka, Kan.:

The Republicans of the nation in convention assembled on June 11, 1936, have just nominated you by acclamation as their candidate for the high office of President of the United States. This unprecedented vote of confidence in your leadership on behalf of constitutional government established by our fathers insures your triumphant election next November.

BERTRAND H. SNELL, Chairman Republican National Convention.

Source: The New York Times.

Alf Landon, Telegram Accepting the Republican Presidential Nomination Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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