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Swalwell Campaign Press Release - Eric Swalwell Launches First Television Ad, Focused on Gun Violence

June 09, 2019

DUBLIN, CA – 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Congressman Eric Swalwell launched his campaign's first television ad Friday to highlight the damage that gun violence is doing to America.

"I'm the only 2020 candidate to make ending gun violence the top policy priority, and the only candidate to call for banning and buying back all assault weapons so we can get them out of our communities once and for all," Swalwell said. "It's fitting that our first television ad should underscore this commitment. These weapons belong on battlefields, not in our churches and schools."

The ad, airing in early caucus and primary states, includes the voices of gun violence survivors and activists over video clips and still photographs depicting vigils for victims and protests juxtaposed with the sale and use of assault weapons. A script is included below.

With a rallying cry of "Go big, be bold, do good," Swalwell, 38, is putting his experience and energy to work for America. An Iowa native, he was first in his family to go to college and served as a prosecutor and city councilman before winning his House seat in 2012. His priorities are ending gun violence; providing healthcare for all and finding cures for our deadliest diseases; reducing student loan debt; and combating climate chaos. He's fighting to bring the promise of America – that hard work must lead to a better life for you and your family – to all Americans.



[VO, then video of Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime was killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL] "This is impossible, my girl, my 14 year old baby…"

[video of Arkansas State Senator Stephanie Flowers at legislative hearing] "I'm talking about my son's life!"

[on screen] THERE WERE 340 MASS SHOOTINGS IN 2018 ALONE. Source: Gun Violence Archive

[VO, then video of Cameron Kasky, gun violence activist and former Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student, speaking at the March for Our Lives] "Shooting after shooting, the American people now see one thing they all have in common: The weapons."

[on screen, superimposed on photo of candlelight vigil] LAS VEGAS

[on screen, superimposed on photo of protest with rainbow-colored smoke] PULSE NIGHTCLUB

[on screen, superimposed on photo of white church hall with a wooden cross and a red rose on a white chair] SUTHERLAND SPRINGS

[on screen, superimposed on photo of shrine for victims outside Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh] TREE OF LIFE SYNAGOGUE

[on screen, superimposed on photo of heart-shaped shrine in Newtown, CT] SANDY HOOK

[on screen, superimposed on photo of people at candlelight vigil holding signs that say "#Enough" and "Enough is Enough"] PARKLAND

[VO] "So a semi-automatic weapon like this, the bullet travels three times the speed of a handgun."

[video & photo montage of people holding and firing weapons; a Coral Springs, FL police officer trying to keep his composure at a news conference; assault weapons for sale in a store; candlelight vigil; a student protest outside the White House]

[VO, then video of Eric Swalwell] "I say keep your hunting rifles, keep your pistols, keep your shotguns, but let's ban and buy back every single assault weapon in America."

[on screen: closing card with Eric Swalwell campaign logo, #BanAndBuyBack,, disclaimers]

[VO of Eric Swalwell] "I'm Eric Swalwell, a candidate for President, and I approve this advertisement."

Eric Swalwell, Swalwell Campaign Press Release - Eric Swalwell Launches First Television Ad, Focused on Gun Violence Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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