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Steyer Campaign Press Release - Tom Steyer Talks Future of Rural America in Southeast Iowa

November 06, 2019

(Des Moines, Nov 6) Since his latest trip to Iowa, Tom Steyer rolled out his "Partnerships with Rural Communities" plan. Tom released this plan in Iowa because much of the policy was shaped by his conversations with Iowans during his six years organizing in the Hawkeye State.

Tom told a crowd of 13,000 Democrats gathered at the Liberty and Justice Dinner that, thanks to their organizing efforts, we turned the "liberal pipe-dream" of impeaching our criminal president into a reality. He continued to point to the power of grassroots organizing throughout the trip. At the NAACP Economic Freedom Forum, Tom told the crowd that not only is he the boldest candidate when it comes to climate change, but the way he will address it will come from an environmental justice lens because you can't talk about the environment, clean air, and clean water without talking about race.

At a meet and greet in Knoxville, Tom was asked what he will do for rural farmers. Tom made it clear that he believes that farmers should be on the frontline in addressing climate change, and his plan would ensure family farms have access to the technologies and innovations necessary to do climate-smart agriculture.

Everywhere Tom goes, he talks about the importance of mental health, ensuring all people have equal rights and dignity, and ends the discussion talking about breaking the corporate stranglehold on our government that prevents Americans from enjoying the rights outlined in his 5 Rights Agenda. His message resonated with Iowans at a campaign event in Ottumwa. Closing out the day, Tom talked to a barn full of people in Fairfield. He spoke of the "American bargain," where we leave this country better than we found it and how if we don't act on climate change we are failing in that promise. For the last stop of the trip, Tom joined more than seventy people at a diner in Burlington.

His commitment to this country, to both urban and rural communities, and his commitment to the campaign is to say what needs to be said no matter the political consequence. That's why he was first out on impeachment, that's why he is the only candidate talking about term limits, and that's why, in the biggest weekend in Iowa politics, Tom chose to focus on the importance of rural communities because we have been failing them.

You can learn more about Tom's Partnerships with Rural Communities here,
and about his 5 Rights Agenda here.

Tom Steyer, Steyer Campaign Press Release - Tom Steyer Talks Future of Rural America in Southeast Iowa Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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