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Steyer Campaign Press Release - Tom Steyer to Roll Out "5 Rights" Platform During Ohio Visit

July 18, 2019

During his visit to Cleveland, Lordstown, and Columbus, Steyer will discuss how these fundamental rights are necessary to providing all Americans an equal opportunity

(San Francisco, July 18, 2019) — Today, presidential candidate Tom Steyer will roll out his "5 Rights" platform during his Ohio campaign visit. Steyer initially developed the "5 Rights" in December after traveling across the country and listening to the American people voice their needs during town hall meetings and one-on-one conversations. The "5 Rights" serve as a modern-day contract with the American public that guarantees everyone a fair chance at success and a full voice in our democracy. At each stop, Steyer will discuss the need for unencumbered access to voting, clean air and water, education, a living wage and healthcare to be constitutionally protected for every American. The "5 Rights" represent the underlying values of Steyer's plan for progressive change.

"I grew up believing the point of our country was to be free — the promise that everyone could make a good life for themselves," Steyer said in a video posted today. "But over time I saw big corporations buy our democracy and set the rules for the sake of their profits, not for the common good. Corporate lobbyists rigged the system, leaving the majority of Americans walled off from their dreams. We need to turn this around. We need to redefine what it means to be free in the 21st century — to make sure we all have the same chance to earn our fair share of America's prosperity."

Steyer believes that no one — including corporations, lobbyists, or politicians — should be able to violate or take these "Rights" away for the sake of their own profit. As president, Steyer would ensure they are recognized and protected.

The 5 Rights include:

  • The Right to an Equal Vote. A healthy democracy depends on the broadest participation possible. Everyone must have an equal voice to demand justice from our government, and everyone must be able to vote with no discrimination and no barriers.
  • The Right to Clean Air and Clean Water. Everyone has the right to breathe fresh air and drink clean water, free from industrial poisons. Corporations must not be able to violate this right for the sake of their profits.
  • The Right to Learn. Without guaranteed access to a good education, there's no such thing as equal opportunity. Our government must protect the right to a free, quality, public education from preschool through college and on to skills training.
  • The Right to a Living Wage. No one should be forced to work more than one full-time job just to survive, and no one should see their raise eaten up by the rising cost of living.
  • The Right to Health. Universal health care must be a right — not a privilege — so everyone has the chance to live a healthy life, and our government needs to act to protect the foundations of our health.

Tom Steyer, Steyer Campaign Press Release - Tom Steyer to Roll Out "5 Rights" Platform During Ohio Visit Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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