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Steyer Campaign Press Release - Tom Steyer Momentum Continues Following First Debate Appearance

October 21, 2019

(SAN FRANCISCO, October 21, 2019) — Following a tremendous week of media attention about his first appearance on the DNC debate stage in Ohio, candidate for the Democratic nomination for president Tom Steyer continued his momentum by campaigning in South Carolina and Iowa over the weekend.

Steyer was featured in a multitude of media outlets, from local newspapers to national cable networks and publications. He also wrote an opinion piece on laying out his "People Over Profits" economic agenda and the reasons why he is the best in the Democratic field to go head-to-head with Trump on the economy.

The most recent Morning Consult early states poll has Steyer tied in 4th place with 8%. He most recently scored 7% in a South Carolina poll by Gravis and just this morning he placed 5th in Iowa in the USA Today/Suffolk University poll.

(And of course, there was plenty of discussion around Tom's tartan tie!)

Tom Steyer has been pushing impeachment for years. Now it's center stage for his first debate

USA Today – 10/12/19

by Nicholas Wu

"While his political history is built around two organizations he has founded and funded — NextGen America, focused on climate change, and Need to Impeach — the debate will test his ability to stand out in the crowded Democratic field and move beyond being defined by those groups."

VIDEO: Steyer poised to make debate stage debut

Kasie DC, MSNBC – 10/13/19

"As billionaire Tom Steyer begins to register in primary state polling and makes his debate debut, some Democrats' elbows sharpen."

Tom Steyer's First Debate: What to Expect From the Paradoxical 2020 Democrat

New York Magazine – 10/14/19

by Ed Kilgore

"The billionaire activist will make his debut at the fourth debate, after his strategy of heavy spending in early states whose polls help candidates qualify for these events paid off...T`he debate is a great opportunity for him to expand his national profile after a late start, but how will he use that opportunity?"

Video: Who is Tom Steyer? What You Need to Know About Democratic Debate Newcomer

NBCLX – 10/15/19

by Jonathan Bernstein

"NBCLX Storyteller Chase Cain provides background on Steyer and what you may expect to hear from him at the debate."

Who Is Tom Steyer? Billionaire Makes His Debut on the 2020 Debate Stage

The New York Times – 10/15/19

by Karen Zraick

"Tom Steyer, who made his first appearance in the Democratic debates on Tuesday night, is a hedge fund billionaire who has funded efforts to impeach President Trump and regularly decries 'the corporate stranglehold on democracy.'"

First-time debater Tom Steyer says he has no zingers planned for Democratic showdown

San Francisco Chronicle – 10/14/19

by Joe Garofoli

"Steyer said most of his debate prep has come from talking to voters — and the media — on the campaign trail. And he professed to not having any well-rehearsed zingers prepared to launch at his opponents. 'That's not a good strategy for me,' Steyer said. 'My strategy is to try to present myself and what I stand for. Other people will have different strategies. But that won't be mine.'"

Who Is Tom Steyer? 2020 Democratic Candidate Debates for the First Time

Fortune – 10/15/19

by Natasha Bach

"Steyer was an early proponent of impeaching President Donald Trump, funneling millions of his own wealth into a campaign called Need to Impeach, which gained support from more than 1 million voters in the first two weeks after it was launched in October 2017."

Keep Your 'Frenemies' Closer

The Atlantic – 10/16/19

by Ben Zimmer

"But one of Steyer's words was particularly notable. Addressing the climate crisis, he stressed the need for international cooperation, saying, 'I've been working on it for 10 years, taking on the corporations. But we have to work with our allies and our frenemies around the world.' As soon as he uttered the word frenemies, Twitter lit up."

Video: Tom Steyer joined ABC News Live to discuss his debate performance

Yahoo! News – 10/15/19

Quién es el multimillonario que quiere ser presidente y que se estrenará en el próximo debate demócrata

Univision – 10/14/19

By Antonieta Cadiz

"Aunque comparta con los demás aspirantes sus críticas al presidente Trump, por su condición de billonario Tom Steyer podría ser blanco de los representantes del ala demócrata más izquierdista. Será la única cara nueva en el podio del cuarto debate demócrata que se realizará en Ohio."

VIDEO: Should Billionaires Exist? Sanders, Warren and Steyer Debate It

The New York Times – 10/15/19

by Maggie Astor

"Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont fielded a question on his past comments on which he did not explicitly answer the question of whether his goal was "to tax billionaires out of existence," but forcefully defended his plans to tax them much more heavily — prompted a lengthy exchange with Tom Steyer, himself a billionaire..."

The best way for Democrats to beat Trump

CNN – 10/16/19

by Tom Steyer

"I'm a progressive and a capitalist, but it's clear that unchecked capitalism has failed. We got into this mess thanks to Republicans and special interests protecting and promoting the interests of corporations and the wealthy at the expense of the American people. According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, half of the benefits from Trump's tax cuts will go to the richest 5% of Americans next year. I'm running for president to stop and reverse that trend. For Democrats to win in 2020 and govern effectively, we must present a strong plan for growing the economy in a way that is more equitable — and that doesn't sacrifice the innovation that fuels our competitive strength."

Tom Steyer On No Climate Debate Talk, Fundraising, His Tie

Iowa Starting Line – 10/16/19

by Pat Rynard

"California businessman Tom Steyer made his debut on the national debate stage last night, along with eleven of his closest Democratic presidential candidate friends. One of Steyer's two biggest issues — impeachment — led off the night. However, his other passion — climate change action — received no attention at all. "I thought I was having a flashback to 2016," Steyer told Starting Line in an interview of the lack of climate discussion. "I think that was a huge omission." Steyer has looked to distinguish his approach to the issue from the rest of the field by planning to call a national emergency on climate as soon as he's sworn in, which would allow for additional avenues of action."

VIDEO: Tom Steyer interview on Spectrum News

Spectrum News – 10/16/19

by Jonathan Bernstein

"Before leaving Ohio, I sat down with billionaire presidential candidate @TomSteyer today. As he made his first #DemDebate appearance last night, news surfaced that Steyer has spent $47 million of his fortune on the first 3 months of his campaign. I asked him why is it worth it?"

Steyer is passionate, but rooted in pragmatism

Index-Journal – 10/20/19

by Andy Brack

"In three words, Steyer is enigmatic, passionate and pragmatic...What really impressed most guests, some of whom didn't know much about Steyer other than how he's bankrolled the Need to Impeach movement for the last two years, was how he didn't pull punches and answered any questions thrown at him."

Bonus round:

Tom Steyer's Tie: They'll Never Take His Freedom!

The New York Times – 10/16/19

by Vanessa Friedman

"As tie choices go, it was notably more controversial than the fact that Andrew Yang, the candidate and entrepreneur, never wears one at all — and that is saying something. Mr. Yang's tielessness, after all, is a widely understood signifier of his tech success status; Mr. Steyer's penchant for tartan is — well, what in the world is it?"

Twitter users, including Meghan McCain, critique Tom Steyer's tie during Democratic debate

USA Today – 10/15/19

By Nicholas Wu

"Sharp-eyed Twitter users noticed Steyer's choice of apparel – a plaid red tie – and that it appeared very similar to his other ties. As the Washington Post reported in 2013, Steyer "dons Scottish ties every day — although not those bearing the tartan of his own clan, Murray, because he said it was too ugly."

Tom Steyer Came In Hot With a Plaid Tie for His First Democratic Debate

Esquire – 10/16/19

By Ben Boskovich

"It's actually pretty refreshing to see a budding politician break out of the "gold, red, or one of these two shades of blue" mentality. I don't hate the tie! But Tom, you're comin' in hot my man."

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