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Steyer Campaign Press Release - Tom Steyer to Congress: Cancel Your Vacation

July 22, 2019

Steyer calls on other presidential candidates to join him in urging Speaker Pelosi to cancel August Recess and conduct public oversight hearings to hold President Trump accountable

(San Francisco, July 22, 2019) Today, presidential candidate Tom Steyer issued a bold challenge to Congress: cancel your August recess and deal with the multiple crises forced on the American people by Donald Trump and his administration. Steyer also urged his fellow Democratic candidates to join his call.

"President Trump is tearing our country apart. His trade wars are taxing American workers. His immigration policies are separating parents from their children. His crimes and corruption are threatening the rule of law. And his racist rhetoric is pitting Americans against each other," said Steyer in an ad his campaign created to support his call.

"The Constitution is very clear: Congress has oversight over the president. So what's their response? They're going on vacation for six weeks. Seriously? We're in a crisis. That's why I'm asking Speaker Pelosi to cancel summer vacation, and conduct daily public oversight hearings to hold Trump accountable for his crimes, corruption, and racism. Business as usual is not working for the American people. We need action. Now."

While Congress is holding a hearing with Robert Mueller on Wednesday, they are scheduled to go on vacation the following week. The current crisis demands action. There is precedent for the Congress to postpone or cancel recess to address important issues.

Since taking office, Donald Trump has lurched from one self-imposed emergency to the next, inflicting harm on families, the American economy, and undermining the foundation on which this country was built. Trump's team is separating families at the border and leaving asylum seekers in inhumane living conditions without access to beds, baths, and toothpaste. His trade war with China and Mexico have harmed American businesses and cost consumers money. Trump and his team welcomed Russian interference into the election, tried to cover it up, and repeatedly obstructed investigations into their crimes. And recently, Trump's demand that four Democratic congresswomen of color "go back" to the countries from which their families emigrated has escalated the rise of white nationalism and fanned the flames of racism and bigotry.

Tom Steyer, Steyer Campaign Press Release - Tom Steyer to Congress: Cancel Your Vacation Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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