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Steyer Campaign Press Release - Steyer Maintains Momentum During Week of Historic Impeachment Vote

November 01, 2019

(SAN FRANCISCO, November 1, 2019) — This week, as U.S. House of Representatives took a major step forward in the impeachment process, Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer — who founded Need to Impeach exactly two year ago — continued to make strides and build momentum in his presidential campaign.

In the last seven days, Steyer campaigned in New Hampshire and Philadelphia, where he attended a criminal justice town hall.

Over the course of the week, Steyer was also featured in a variety of media outlets, from local outlets to national cable networks and publications. Below are the highlights.

This weekend, Steyer will continue to build momentum in Iowa, where he will speak at the Iowa Democratic Party's Liberty and Justice Dinner, attend the NAACP Economic Freedom Forum, and go to several campaign events to engage with voters across Southeast Iowa.

The poll numbers show his rising support in early states, including a recent poll by the Post and Courier which has him at 5%. Steyer is also averaging between 6-8% in Morning Consult's early state tracking.

" ... a relative latecomer to a crowded field, today's [impeachment] vote is an affirmation of his political instincts ... "

Washington Post – 10/31/19

By Jacqueline Alemany

"When Tom Steyer launched an eight-figure television ad campaign to impeach President Trump in 2017, Democratic leaders urged the California businessman and megadonor to tone it down and spend his money elsewhere.

Now, almost exactly two years later, what was once derided as Steyer's liberal fantasy is coming true: House Democrats will cast their first vote today on an impeachment inquiry into President Trump."

VIDEO: Tom Steyer: "I would spend my last dollar to save the American democracy in a heartbeat, and never regret it for a second."

Chris Matthews, MSNBC – 10/29/19

"Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer joins Hardball to talk about the impeachment inquiry and his presidential run."

VIDEO: Tom Steyer: "...I want there to be public hearings. So people can hear the true patriots like Colonel Vindman tell the truth about the corruption of this president"

Wolf Blitzer, CNN – 10/29/19

"I think what Colonel Vindman is doing is what patriots do. They stand up for the country no matter what happens. So the idea of going after his patriotism and going after his service to me is absolutely wrong and it is an act of a desperate man and a desperate party."

VIDEO: "What I believe in is democracy, and that's what I've been pushing for from the very beginning..."

Shannon Bream, Fox News – 10/29/19

"The court that matters is the court of public opinion. In a democracy, it's the people's will that should rule and must rule."

VIDEO: Tom Steyer "I think that the president has been corrupt from day one..."

Brianna Keilar, CNN – 10/24/19

"Tom Steyer joins Brianna Keilar on CNN to discuss the passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings and the crimes and corruption of Donald Trump."

Tom Steyer on climate change, capitalism and his chat with the Clintons

Politico – 10/31/19

By Eugene Daniels

"The 2020 presidential candidate said none of his rivals are displaying the urgency necessary to tackle climate change."

2020 candidates discuss criminal justice reform from the cell block to the ballot box

ABC News – 10/29/19

By Sasha Pezenik and Zohreen Shah

"Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., Sen. Cory Booker, D-NJ., and billionaire Tom Steyer all attended the forum inside the penitentiary. They, like their fellow 2020 contenders, have worked to make justice reform efforts a part of their platform, backing the end of cash bail, the private prison complex and the legalization of marijuana.

Tom Steyer: "There is a ton to fight for... our future is incredibly bright."

Iowa State Daily – 10/29/19

By Anna Olson

"...Steyer said he has been working to increase voter turnout with NextGen through knocking on doors in order to get people out to vote."

Tom Steyer: "I think what (Trump) is doing on climate, honestly, is probably the worst attack on the American people by an American president ever."

The Conway Daily-Sun – 10/29/19

By Lloyd Jones

"Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer says his moral compass led him to enter the race for the White House. He says his compass is guided by civil rights and trying to do the right thing for humanity."

Tom Steyer: "If we choose not to lead on [climate], it will not happen"

New Hampshire Union Leader – 10/28/19

By Kevin Landrigan

"Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer said his personal commitment to climate change led him to refuse to fly in private airplanes during his entire 2020 campaign."

Tom Steyer: "I got into this race because I felt like no one was calling out the biggest issue in American politics, which is that the government is broken."

New Hampshire Public Radio – 10/25/19

By the Exchange

"Democratic presidential candidate and former hedge-fund manager Tom Steyer sits down for an hour-long candidate forum in front of a live audience at New Hampshire Public Radio."

Tom Steyer: "The federal government has to ensure the rights of all Americans"

PoliticsPA – 10/29/19

By John Cole

"Steyer told the audience about how his mother was a reading teacher inside of a juvenile prison and also stressed the need to ending discrimination and assuring that those who were previously incarcerated should have "all civil rights restored."

Tom Steyer: "If there's anyone on the Democratic side who has the expertise to go toe-to-toe with [Trump] on the economy, it's me."

The Daily Pennsylvanian – 10/28/19

By Grant Bianco

"Presidential candidate and billionaire financier Tom Steyer discussed climate change, economic fairness, and immigration with an audience of about 50 students and community members at a Penn Democrats event Monday evening."

Wildfires underscore presidential hopeful Tom Steyer's climate change agenda

Whittier Daily News – 10/29/19

By Martin Wisckol

"With California's wildfires drawing attention to climate change's role in the blazes, presidential candidate Tom Steyer is especially vigorous in touting the need to reduce carbon emissions and overcome the corporate influence that contributes to the environmental status quo."

Tom Steyer: "[Climate change is] a fight for our lives, and the president isn't doing anything to help us. In fact, he's making things worse."

USA Today – 10/28/19

By Marco della Cava and Kristin Lam

"...Steyer says he, like many, "knows someone affected by these constant fires," adding that his brother's house came within half a block of burning last year...."

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