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Steyer Campaign Press Release - Steyer Lays Out Positive Vision for America in Debut Debate Performance

October 15, 2019

In first debate appearance, Tom Steyer laid out his vision to take back our American democracy and make it of, by, and for the people again

(WESTERVILLE, OH, October 15, 2019) — Tonight, presidential candidate for the Democratic nomination Tom Steyer made his debut appearance on the debate stage, and laid out his positive vision to repair our broken government and return the power of our democracy back to the American people. Steyer proved why he's surging in early state polling, and why his vision of taking back control of the American democracy from corporations and returning it to the people is resonating all across the country. While there was not a single question on the climate crisis, Steyer also used his time to bring attention to the emergency facing our planet.

"There's something wrong here. Corporations have bought our government. Our government has failed. That's why I'm running for president. Because we're not going to get any of the policies that everybody on this stage wants — health care, education, Green New Deal, or a living wage — unless we break the power of the corporations," Steyer said on stage.

Steyer showed that he is the leading candidate to fight climate change, stating: "Let's address the most important international problem that we're facing, which no one has brought up, which is climate. We can't solve the climate crisis in the United States by ourselves. It's an international crisis."

Steyer also stated that he is the best one to take on President Trump over the economy: "In fact, if we want to beat Mr. Trump, I think somebody who can go toe to toe with him and show him to be a fraud and a failure as a business person, and a fraud and a failure as a steward of the American economy is going to be necessary. His tax plan is a failure. His trade war is a failure. I would love to take him on as a real businessman and show that, in fact, he's failed the American people, and he has to go."

Steyer is one of only seven candidates who has qualified for the next DNC debate in Atlanta, scheduled for November 20th.

Tom Steyer, Steyer Campaign Press Release - Steyer Lays Out Positive Vision for America in Debut Debate Performance Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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