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Steyer Campaign Press Release - Steyer Campaign Announces New Round of Early State Endorsements

January 10, 2020

Community leaders in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Wisconsin throw weight behind Steyer

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 10, 2020) — Momentum continues to build behind Tom Steyer's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination as three key leaders from New Hampshire, South Carolina and Wisconsin today announced their formal endorsement of the campaign.

From the Town of Rye in New Hampshire, Mae Bradshaw, the elected chair of the Rye's Budget Committee, endorsed Steyer, citing his strong business background and commitment to building an economy that works for all Americans as reasons.

"Tom Steyer is a successful businessman who knows how to balance a budget and grow our economy in a way that benefits everyone. I am proud to support Tom because of his incredible track record of getting things done and because I believe he is the best candidate to take on Donald Trump when it comes to the economy."

On the heels of a recent Fox News Poll showing Steyer in second place in her state of South Carolina with 15% support, Orangeburg City Councilwoman Liz Zimmermann Keitt pointed to Steyer's dedication to combating climate change and guaranteeing quality education for all as central reasons for her endorsement.

"As an educator, I've spent my career working to put young people on a path to success, but young people's futures are endangered when our leaders fail to invest in education and take action to combat climate change," said Keitt. "That's why I'm standing with the only candidate who will make protecting our planet his number one issue and put our children's futures first, and I urge all South Carolinians to do the same."

Milwaukee, WI immigration activist and community leader Norma Duckworth also formally endorsed Steyer, underscoring Tom's commitment to passing humane immigration policies and leadership on condemning the current administration's immigration policies.

"Tom was the only candidate on the December debate stage who denounced Trump's immigration policies for what they are – racist," said Duckworth. "Tom is the leader we need to undo Trump's harmful policies. Tom has supported organizations that have represented more than a thousand immigrants and refugees, supported DACA applicants, and recruited thousands of volunteers to help along the way, including pro-bono lawyers, interpreters and mental health professionals. While other candidates talk about what they plan to do, Tom has been doing the work for years," concluded Duckworth.

Today's announcement continues the momentum produced by other recent early state endorsements. In December, liberal activist and former Iowa state lawmaker Ed Fallon announced his endorsement of Steyer. Subsequently, the Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Club of Los Angeles County's voted to formally endorse the campaign, with the group's President, Cesar Gamboa, also personally endorsing Steyer. These endorsements followed that of Carlos Alacala, the Chair of the Chicano Latino Caucus of the California Democratic Party, who emphasized Steyer's ability to go head to head with Trump in justifying his endorsement.

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