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Steyer Campaign Press Release - During CNN Town Hall, Steyer Lays Out His Vision for Progressive Change

November 10, 2019

Taking immediate action on our climate crisis will be Steyer's number one priority

(Grinnell, IA, November 10, 2019) — Today, Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer took questions from Iowa voters during a live televised CNN Democratic Presidential Town Hall at Grinnell College. Steyer came right out of the gate calling for all campaigns running in the race for the Democratic nomination to join him in only flying commercial flights, as a way to show their willingness to "walk the walk" and do their part to curb their carbon footprint.

"I don't fly private. I hope nobody else running for the Democratic nomination will choose to fly private," Steyer stated during the town hall.

Steyer means business when it comes to preserving the environment and acting on climate. His long history of backing advocacy efforts in support of renewable energy, pushing back against dirty fossil fuel and oil companies are rooted in his own personal duty to preserving our planet for the next generation. "We're talking about the future, but you can look at my history and know that this is something that is an absolutely top priority for me," said Steyer.

He laid out his vision for bringing our nation together, and also opened up about his parents' role in developing his passion for justice and staunch advocacy on behalf of those who live within the margins of society. Steyer highlighted his mother's work as a public school teacher in New York City, volunteering at the Brooklyn House of Detention; and his father's work as a public interest lawyer.

"I think it's time as president that we look forward and talk about what Democrats are going to do for Americans ... and for the changes, we're going to bring to make this a better country and to stand up for working Americans across the land," Steyer explained.

As an outsider, Steyer is uniquely positioned, to unify our nation and drive the change the American people so desperately seek in this polarized political climate.

"This country was built for this moment. We are literally going to have to save the world. But you know what? It's going to be great because it's going to give us a chance to create millions of jobs across this country everywhere, well-paid union jobs. That's one thing. We're going to go into the communities where there is bad water, unsafe drinking water, unsafe air, and we're going to clean them up as part of this. A lot of those communities are low-income communities, black and brown communities. And we're going to go there and make sure we address that injustice."

Tom Steyer, Steyer Campaign Press Release - During CNN Town Hall, Steyer Lays Out His Vision for Progressive Change Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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