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Steyer Campaign Press Release - On Debate Stage, Steyer Shows America He Can Beat Trump On Economy, Lead on Climate, and Unite the Country

January 15, 2020

(DES MOINES, January 15, 2020) –– Last night, presidential candidate for the Democratic nomination Tom Steyer took the debate stage in Des Moines, to make his case that he is the best candidate in the field to take on Trump, take bold action on climate and call for structural reform to make our economy work for all Americans.

On stage, Steyer said that the 2020 presidential election will come down to the economy. Steyer contrasted his experience growing an international business with other candidates, including Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who don't have similar track records in the private sector. "I spent 30 years building a successful global business. To beat Trump, we have to beat him on the economy, and I have the experience and expertise to show that he is a fraud and a failure," said Steyer.

Steyer also called on the need for a wealth tax in our society. "I believe that the income inequality in our country is unbearable, unjust, and unsupportable. I proposed a wealth tax a year and a half ago to start to address it. We need to redistribute money so every kid has a chance."

On climate, Steyer said we can boldly and urgently tackle our climate crisis and also build a more successful economy –– because a green economy is a win-win economy. "Climate is my number one priority, and I'm shocked that I'm the only person on the stage who will say this," said Steyer. "We will tackle climate from the standpoint of environmental justice, create millions of good-paying union jobs, and do it together."

When discussing foreign policy, Steyer differentiated himself from career politicians on stage. Steyer said "we need a strategic outsider perspective when we address 20 years of mistakes by the American government in the Middle East."

Steyer echoed that if we want to get affordable healthcare and other progressive policies that pursue economic and environmental justice, we have to first fix our broken government. "We have had this conversation on this stage a million times," said Steyer. "We have given tax cuts to the richest Americans and the biggest corporations for decades... The truth is we have a broken government — it's been bought by corporations that include drug companies, insurance companies, and private hospitals. We need to take back our government so that it is of, by, and for the people."

Steyer knows that this election is about building a broad, inclusive, winning coalition of Americans – because the only way to tackle our biggest challenges, is if the American people work together, as a team.

"As far as I'm concerned, the American people are my teammates. If there's one thing I will not permit it is someone to run down the field and kick my teammate in the face, said Steyer. "Traveling the country, I see how this Republican-run government is hurting Americans and kicking them in the face. I need your support on caucus night, so together, we can take back this country and save the world."

Tom Steyer, Steyer Campaign Press Release - On Debate Stage, Steyer Shows America He Can Beat Trump On Economy, Lead on Climate, and Unite the Country Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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