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Steyer Campaign Press Release - Ahead of Iowa Caucus, New Poll Shows Steyer Cracking Biden's SC Firewall as Campaign Announces Endorsements from Diverse Group of Leaders

February 02, 2020

Today's Post and Courier Poll shows Steyer with 24% with African Americans while others like Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar continue to struggle with voters of color

(Des Moines, IA, Feb. 2, 2020) — A new poll by the Charleston Post and Courier released a day before the Iowa Caucus, Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer surged to second place amongst African Americans in South Carolina, showing a significant crack in Vice President Biden's firewall. Tom received the support of 24 percent of black voters, just 6 points behind Biden. Overall, the poll showed Biden's lowest total number of support to date in the primary at just 25 percent with Steyer only 7 points behind at 18 percent.

The Steyer campaign also announced a slate of key early and Super Tuesday state endorsements. Combined with rising poll numbers in Nevada and South Carolina, Steyer's endorsements are evidence that he is one of the few candidates in the race who can build a broad, diverse coalition of Americans necessary to win the Democratic nomination and beat Trump in November.

Steyer's message of pursuing economic and environmental justice, especially in communities of color, is resonating with key groups and leaders. Yesterday, Mattie Thomas, chair of the Black Women's Caucus of South Carolina, announced that the Black Women's Caucus of South Carolina is endorsing Steyer's presidential bid.

Steyer also recently earned endorsements from Robin Bradford, Former Mecklenburg County Democratic Chair in North Carolina, and Raymond Smith, member of the North Carolina House of Representatives. Rep. Raymond Smith endorsed Steyer for his plan to prioritize rural economic development, expand opportunities for farmers, and pursue affordable, equitable solutions on health care.

Yesterday, Steyer also gained the support of Iowa NAACP President Betty Andrews because of his ability to challenge Trump on the economy, commitment to justice in marginalized communities, and dedication to putting people over profits.

This week, Steyer also earned Holly Brown's endorsement, who serves as chair of the Iowa Democratic Party's Asian and Pacific Islander Caucus. Brown recognized that Steyer's values and vision for the country is one that will empower and pursue justice for communities of color, including the AAPI community.

Recent Fox News polling in Nevada has Steyer polling at 12%, putting Steyer in third place. Morning Consult continues to have Steyer in third place, polling at 17% in early states – up 2% from the previous week. Steyer knows that justice for communities of color begins with talking about it in every room he's in, especially in rooms full of predominantly white people. As primary season kicks off in Iowa tomorrow night, Steyer is looking forward to engaging with more voters, building momentum on the ground, and making his case to more Americans that he is the best Democrat to build a diverse, winning coalition of Americans to beat Trump in November.

Tom Steyer, Steyer Campaign Press Release - Ahead of Iowa Caucus, New Poll Shows Steyer Cracking Biden's SC Firewall as Campaign Announces Endorsements from Diverse Group of Leaders Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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