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Statement by Will Hurd on the Second Anniversary of the Fall of Kabul

August 16, 2023

Today, former Texas Rep. and 2024 presidential candidate Will Hurd released the following statement to mark the second anniversary of the fall of Kabul:

"Today marks the solemn two-year anniversary of President Biden’s shameful withdrawal from Afghanistan that killed 13 American service members, exposed tens of thousands of our Afghan allies to Taliban retribution, and damaged our credibility on the global stage. The fall of Kabul into the hands of the Taliban under Biden’s leadership is an unfading stain on his presidency.

"Two years later, the horrific images of civilians clinging to planes and American troops left exposed and defenseless against our enemies remain etched into our nation’s collective memory. And yet, not a single person has been held accountable. Not a single person lost their job. The American people are owed a clear explanation of the decision-making that led to the chaos of that dark day.

"I served in Kabul as a CIA officer. I know first-hand the conditions on the ground and the implications of our withdrawal. The Taliban is stronger than ever, al Qaeda is rebuilding, and our adversaries are emboldened. Under my administration, I will hold those responsible for the disastrous withdrawal accountable, I will make clear to our foes that the U.S. is back in full force, I will assure our allies that when we fight, we fight together, and I will ensure that America will never negotiate with terrorists again."

Will Hurd, Statement by Will Hurd on the Second Anniversary of the Fall of Kabul Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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