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Statement by Will Hurd on the First RNC Debate

August 22, 2023

Tied With Pence and Haley, but Left Off the Debate Stage

Republican presidential candidate and former Texas Rep. Will Hurd released the following statement regarding the status of his campaign and the Republican National Convention's (RNC) upcoming debate:

"I was the last candidate to enter this race. My team and I met the 40,000 donor threshold in less than 60 days without any gimmicks. We registered in eight reputable national polls and eight reputable state polls. We are close to crossing the 50,000 donor threshold, and in New Hampshire, I'm tied with the former vice president and United Nations ambassador, who have much higher name ID.

"The lack of transparency and confusion around the RNC's debate requirements is antithetical to the democratic process. The polling standards are arbitrary, unclear, and lack consistency. This is an unacceptable process for a presidential election. The American people deserve better.

"The RNC discounted polls that included independents and Democrats willing to vote for a Republican. If the GOP is looking to grow our electorate and beat Joe Biden, then we better have a clear understanding of what qualifies as a likely Republican voter. Anyone, regardless of party, who is willing to check the box for a Republican should be considered a 'likely Republican voter.' Expanding our party should be applauded, not penalized.

"I have said from day one of my candidacy that I will not sign a blood oath to Donald Trump. The biggest difference between me and every single candidate who will be on the debate stage in Milwaukee is that I have never bent the knee to Trump. It's disappointing being kept off the debate stage, but I will not be deterred. The stakes are too high."

Will Hurd, Statement by Will Hurd on the First RNC Debate Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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