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Statement by Tom Steyer Urging Top House Democrats to Hold Public Impeachment Hearings

October 18, 2019

(SAN FRANCISCO, October 18, 2019) — Today candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination Tom Steyer released the following statement in light of new developments into the escalating scandals surrounding Donald Trump's presidency:

"While I am relieved that an impeachment inquiry is finally underway, Speaker Pelosi and House Democratic Leadership need to start public hearings immediately so that the American people can see the full extent of Donald Trump's crimes, corruption, and cover-ups. Every single day, the scandals surrounding Trump's disastrous presidency continue to reveal the shameless lengths he is willing to go to put his own financial and political interests ahead of the interests of our country.

"Poll after poll show that the majority of Americans now support the President's impeachment and removal from office. Now is the time for House Democrats to open up the process and let the American public see the full extent of Trump's criminal behavior. Holding public impeachment hearings will ensure the crimes committed by him and those around him come out from the shadows and onto the national stage. It will also put pressure on Senate Republicans by showing voters in their states the true extent of this president's impeachable offenses.

"This process started with the American people raising their voices and demanding Trump be held accountable, and it will end with the removal of the most lawless president in our nation's history if Congress makes all of the evidence publicly available."

Tom Steyer, Statement by Tom Steyer Urging Top House Democrats to Hold Public Impeachment Hearings Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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