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Statement by Tom Steyer in Opposing Las Vegas Proposal to Criminalize Homelessness

October 25, 2019

(LAS VEGAS, October 25) Today, Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer released the following statement in opposition to a proposed city ordinance which unjustly targets homeless communities in Las Vegas:

"It is immoral and counterproductive to criminalize homelessness. I stand in solidarity with those in Las Vegas who oppose a proposed ordinance which would make it illegal for homeless residents to encamp or sleep in certain areas of the city. Rather than levy hefty fines or force people into overpacked jails, elected leaders across all levels of government should ensure access to mental health services and embrace a housing-first approach that gets people off the street and into permanent housing. We must also address the affordable housing crisis plaguing cities across the country as wages for the average worker stagnate. As president, I will fight to make universal health care, including coverage for mental health, a constitutional right and fight for a living wage for all Americans."

Universal health care coverage and a living wage are key components of Tom's platform, included in his 5 Rights Agenda. You can read more about the 5 Rights here.

Tom's Advocacy on Homelessness:

For nearly two decades, Tom Steyer has been involved in a long list of philanthropic activities and supported measures aimed at alleviating homelessness. In 2016, Steyer backed San Francisco Propositions J and K, a ballot package that called for news funds for housing and services for the city's homeless residents. During that same year, Steyer also contributed to Los Angeles' Proposition HHH, a $1.2 billion bond measure to fund the construction of affordable housing, including supportive housing for the chronically homeless.

In 2017, Steyer helped to pass Los Angeles' Measure H, which imposed a quarter cent sales tax to provide homeless Angelenos with supportive services, including funding for mental health and substance abuse treatment, job training, and rental subsidies. Steyer contributed $250,000 in support of the measure. During the following year, Steyer supported Proposition 2, a California ballot measure also known as Use Millionaire's Tax Revenue for Homelessness Prevention Housing Bonds Measure. The proposition, which allowed the state to raise bond funds for homelessness prevention housing for those suffering with mental illness, passed with overwhelming support.

Tom Steyer, Statement by Tom Steyer in Opposing Las Vegas Proposal to Criminalize Homelessness Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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