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Statement by the President Upon Reappointing Myron Taylor as His Personal Representative at the Vatican.

May 03, 1946

I HAVE ASKED Mr. Myron C. Taylor to return to Italy as my personal representative to His Holiness the Pope, with the rank of Ambassador.

After the cessation of hostilities Mr. Taylor came home for consultation and report. I have studied his report of his several audiences with the Pope with interest and with profit. I feel that he can continue to render helpful service to the cause of Christian civilization if, at my instance from time to time, he resumes his duties in Italy. As on his previous trips Mr. Taylor will confer not only with the Pope but with other leaders in the spiritual world and in the world of politics and secular affairs as he travels through Europe in the fulfillment of his mission.

The cessation of active fighting has left the world in a state of unrest. In many quarters we witness lamentable conflicts of principle and policy. Out of all of this unrest and conflict, however, one conviction emerges as dear as the noonday. It is that we shall establish an enduring peace only if we build it upon Christian principles.

In the dark days of 1940 President Roosevelt sent Mr. Taylor to Italy as his personal representative. His mission was most helpful to the cause of peace and in the alleviation of suffering brought about by the most awful conflict in the annals of mankind, and it will be, I am sure, equally useful in the future.

There is no minimizing the gravity of the days in which we live. I feel the necessity of having for my guidance the counsel and cooperation of all men and women of good will whether in religion, in government, or in the pursuits of everyday life. I have therefore sought the advice of leaders in religion of various convictions and allegiances, not only in this country but from abroad. I feel that all have a vital contribution to make. I shall continue to welcome the counsel of such leaders to the end that the voice of conscience may be heard in the councils of nations as they seek a solution of that age-old problem: the government of man.

Harry S Truman, Statement by the President Upon Reappointing Myron Taylor as His Personal Representative at the Vatican. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/229715

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