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Statement by the President on the Fight Against Organized Crime and Racketeering.

January 06, 1964

THE GROWING success of the Federal effort against racketeering and organized crime reported to me by the Attorney General should be a source of encouragement to citizens in all parts of the country.

This record is the result of exceptional dedication and efficient operation by the various Federal law enforcement agencies working together. No amount of recognition can compensate the men and women of the FBI, Bureau of Narcotics, Secret Service, Internal Revenue, Immigration Service, and the other Federal law enforcement agencies, for their long and unusual hours, extended periods away from home, and threats and physical danger to themselves and their families. Nonetheless, I am sure all Americans join me in expressing the Nation's gratitude to them--and their colleagues in State and local agencies.

At the same time, it should be recognized that the intensified Federal effort against organized crime stems in large part from the deep interest and leadership of the Attorney General. His efforts deserve our appreciation.

We can provide it in no better way than to take sober note of his conclusion that there is a very long way to go--that we not only have not won the battle against organized crime, but that we have only begun to conduct an effective fight and that each one of us can help.

For our part in the Federal Government, we intend to continue and to accelerate that fight.

Note: The Attorney General's report, in the form of a letter dated January 3 (7 pp-, mimeographed), was released with the President's statement.

The report pointed out that the Federal Government's intensive drive against racketeering began in 1961, and that as a result of Federal efforts in 1963 scores of racketeers who for years corrupted their communities were now serving Federal prison sentences. This had stimulated new law enforcement vigor at the State and local levels. Racketeering indictments, which had almost tripled from 1961 to 1962, had doubled again in 1963. Of even greater significance, the report continued, was the fact that convictions had also increased greatly.

Lyndon B. Johnson, Statement by the President on the Fight Against Organized Crime and Racketeering. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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