Franklin D. Roosevelt

Statement on the Appointment of The First National Labor Board.

August 05, 1933

Of importance to the Recovery Program is the appeal to management and labor for industrial peace, which has just been sent to me for approval. With compelling logic, it calls upon every individual in both groups to avoid strikes, lockouts or any aggressive action during the Recovery Program.

It is a document on a par with Samuel Gompers' memorable war-time demand to preserve the status quo in labor disputes-and in addition to the signature of the President of the American Federation of Labor it carries the signature of every great labor leader and every great industrial leader on the two advisory boards of the Recovery Administration. It is an act of economic statesmanship. I earnestly commend it to the public conscience.

This joint appeal proposes the creation of a distinguished tribunal to pass promptly on any case of hardship or dispute that may arise from interpretation or application of the President's Reemployment Agreement. The advantages of this recommendation are plain and I accept it and hereby appoint the men it proposes whose names will carry their own commendation to the country:

Senator Robert F. Wagner, Chairman

Mr. William Green

Dr. Leo Wolman

Mr. John L. Lewis

Mr. Walter C. Teagle

Mr. Gerard Swope

Mr. Louis E. Kirstein

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Statement on the Appointment of The First National Labor Board. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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