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Statement in Support of Republican Candidates in Maryland.

October 24, 1970

I HAVE COME to Maryland to express my strong support for the election of J. Glenn Beall to the Senate and C. Stanley Blair to the governorship.

Like his father before him, J. Glenn Beall, Jr., is a man who knows how to get people of different parties and different backgrounds working together. I know I can count on his support to help bring a generation of peace abroad and to help build an economy that will provide full employment without inflation at home. In short, J. Glenn Beall, Jr., will provide the kind of leadership we need in Washington to lay a firm foundation for peace and progress for our Nation.

In Stanley Blair, Maryland has an outstanding candidate for Governor. In the 1970's, our States will need Governors who can stand up against crime and disruption and who can successfully handle the new power, money, and responsibility this administration is determined to return to the States. In his work as secretary of state of Maryland and as chief of staff for Vice President Agnew, Stanley Blair has shown that he is the kind of man who has the experience and drive Maryland needs. He's a man of the future, and he has my wholehearted endorsement.

Note: The statement was released at Dundalk, Md.

Richard Nixon, Statement in Support of Republican Candidates in Maryland. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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