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Statement in Support of Republican Candidates in California.

October 29, 1970

THE NUMBER ONE State in the Nation deserves first-rate leadership, the kind of leadership which has been provided in recent years by Governor Ronald Reagan and Senator George Murphy. I hope the voters of my home State will give them strong support once again in next week's elections.

Governor Reagan and Senator Murphy are tested, experienced leaders who know how to get results. They are both team players, men who will work closely with one another and with the administration in Washington in meeting the great challenges of our time.

One of those challenges is the transition from a wartime to a peacetime economy. I can report with confidence that the temporary problems caused by that transition-problems which have been felt with special force in California--are coming to an end. Our strategy for curbing inflation and promoting stable growth is working. For California, there must be--and on our part there will be--a strong continuation of efforts to convert the capability that has been used in defense and aerospace into peacetime pursuits such as our efforts to enhance the environment. And we are pressing harder for a favorable expansion of foreign trade.

Senator Murphy has been one of the most effective men in Washington in the effort to ease the problems caused by the current economic transition. Like Governor Reagan, he has also been a leader in the battle against crime and disorder. And I am pleased to say that he has been a strong supporter of administration foreign policy as well, especially our efforts to bring peace with honor in Southeast Asia.

I am proud to know that Governor Reagan and Senator Murphy are close friends and allies of the Nixon administration. I hope the voters of California will give strong backing to them and to the entire Republican ticket.

Note: The statement was released at San Jose, Calif.

Richard Nixon, Statement in Support of Republican Candidates in California. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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