Franklin D. Roosevelt

Statement on Signing the National Industrial Recovery Act

June 16, 1933

History probably will record the National Industrial Recovery Act as the most important and far-reaching legislation ever enacted by the American Congress. It represents a supreme effort to stabilize for all time the many factors which make for the prosperity of the Nation, and the preservation of American standards.

Its goal is the assurance of a reasonable profit to industry and living wages for labor with the elimination of the piratical methods and practices which have not only harassed honest business but also contributed to the ills of labor.

While we are engaged in establishing new foundations for business which ultimately should open a return to work for large numbers of men, it is our hope through the so-called Public Works section of the law speedily to initiate a program of public construction that should yearly reemploy additional hundreds of thousands of men.

Obviously, if this project is to succeed, it demands the wholehearted cooperation of industry, labor and every citizen of the Nation.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Statement on Signing the National Industrial Recovery Act Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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