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Statement on Signing the Multinational Force and Observers Participation Resolution

December 29, 1981

It gives me great pleasure to sign into law the Multinational Force and Observers Participation Resolution. The Multinational Force and Observers is an international organization established by the protocol signed by Egypt and Israel on August 3, 1981. This organization will have the important function of supervising the implementation of key security aspects of the treaty of peace between Egypt and Israel. It will thus help ensure that the timetables established in the peace treaty are met. The legislation I have signed today ensures that the United States will be in a position to participate in this organization along with other nations that are interested in contributing to the peace process in the Middle East.

The peace treaty between Egypt and Israel is an extraordinary achievement, and its continuing implementation will constitute a further major advance in the peace process. I am confident that U.S. participation in this critical step will contribute to our broader efforts to bring about a just and lasting peace in the region.

I am signing this joint resolution with the understanding that when U.S. agencies provide property, support, or services to the MFO on a reimbursable basis, they shall not seek to recover from the MFO amounts in excess of the cost to the U.S. Government of acquisition of the property, support, or services so provided, and, in accordance with section 4(c) of the joint resolution, such costs of acquisition shall not be considered to include administrative or similar surcharges.

Finally, I wish to commend the Congress for its responsible approach to this critical legislation. I am gratified that both the executive and legislative branches addressed this matter which is so vital to our nation's foreign policy in a spirit of close consultation and cooperation. This legislation demonstrates the results that can be achieved through working together in that spirit.

Note: As enacted, S.J. Res. 100 is Public Law 97-132, approved December 29.

Ronald Reagan, Statement on Signing the Multinational Force and Observers Participation Resolution Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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